*Bling*Bling*I got the ring!…Part 1

November 1st marked a special anniversary for Chris and I…it’s the day we got engaged two years ago!

<Well, it was a special anniversary for me. When I pointed it out to Chris he said “Well that one doesn’t really count for anything does it?” Thanks for that love. Really. And they say time makes romance fade…can’t imagine that being true.>

I kid, I kid. 😉

Anyway, I thought I’d celebrate our engagement by sharing every little detail of the proposal…it’ll take me back to the days after our engagement when I told the story to everyone and their dog. Won’t this be fun?!


Chris and I had been dating for a little over a year when we decided to go ring shopping together. So many memories from that trip…sparkly diamonds, amazing jewelry stores (I loved Robbins Brothers!), and perhaps most memorably, pushy salespeople. Of course they all wanted us to make a purchase that day (we weren’t going to), to open a credit line (Chris saved to pay cash), or to buy these insanely large rocks (Is there a money tree farm we don’t know about?!)

At one particular store we found a ring that I *loved*. The only problem…it was the LAST one. In the company.

<Hum…might have been believable if we hadn’t already heard that line on a ring we really liked from a different store. I’ll just throw the bs flag in on that one. >

The salesman at this particular store was really pushing us to buy “Lady Julia” (aka – the ring) right then. In a final attempt to convince us that our opportunity to buy this ring was limited, he dramatically shielded the ring from us with his hand and declared…

“Fine. If you aren’t going to buy Lady Julia today then don’t even LOOK at her. She won’t be waiting on you when you come back!!!”

I mean seriously. So long Lady Julia!

The final straw that day came when we went to the last store and kept getting passed from salesperson to salesperson because our budget wasn’t as workable as the couple next to us who was shopping in the 10,000 – 12,000 range.

And trust me when I say that our budget was MORE than workable.

How rude.

Needless to say, after a day of pushy salespeople and major sticker shock, Chris was overwhelmed. So overwhelmed in fact that he was paralyzed by worry and indecision and was unable to even seriously talk about rings for about 6 months.

He gathered his courage and we went again in October. Our trip was much more enjoyable the second time around, and we found a beauty at Helzberg that we both loved. It had everything we were looking for, was in our price range, and had a unique factor that set it apart from all other rings we had looked at. Plus we recieved excellent customer service. SOLD!

<Well, actually we weren’t sold that day. I wanted to help pick it out, but I didn’t want to actually know when he bought it…still needed that little element of surprise.>

Here are a few pics of the ring…I *love*love*love* it and still feel sooo happy to wear it everyday!


 The other base that had to be covered was perhaps even more paralysis inducing for Chris than choosing a ring…and that was asking my parents! He snuck away one weekend and made the 2 hour drive down to my hometown for lunch with my Dad, Mom, and little bro. Since I obviously was not present for this little get-together, I’ll have to relay it to you as it was told to me. Here are the high points…

*When Chris arrived, my little bro was sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch wearing overalls but no shirt or shoes. He was holding a gun (whether or not it was loaded is a mystery/joke that continues to this day…hehe) and invited Chris to “take a walk.”

What a way to start the day! 😉

*If I’ve got my story straight, the next thing they did was sit down at the table to eat a slightly awkward spaghetti dinner. Or it was awkward for Chris at least, since there wasn’t any talk of why he was there without me or what he might want to talk about (even though everyone knew!).

Chris said he felt like it was his “last meal.”

*Once lunch was over it was show time, and Dad wanted to know “Why are you here?” Once Chris put it out there that he would like to ask for my hand in marriage the family discussion began. Everyone got their chance to speak and ask questions, and from what I understand, no stone was left unturned in Chris’ life. (It wasn’t like Chris was new to the scene…we had been dating for over a year and half! That’s just how protective and loving my fam is!)

Want to hear the funniest part? Chris stood up the whole time…and the conversation lasted over an hour!

*There are so many memorable/funny quotes and comments that were made that day…too many to share on this blog, and some of them too personal to share as well. I’ll just say that I was proud of the way my family represented and the way Chris responded, and in the end my Dad said “Well, I trust Heather’s judgement, so…I guess so.”

What can I say…my Dad is a man of few words!


I think that covers most of the background info (although I may have forgotten to mention that mom and I actually started buying wedding decor before Chris actually asked me to marry him…but when you find a good deal you can’t pass it up!!) so we’ll save the actual proposal for another day. Thanks for humoring me!


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