Scattered Saturday…Short & Somewhat Sweet

Hello there! Hope you are warming back up from that little cold front that blew through…brrr! We are enjoying family time this weekend, feeling happy & thankful, and ready to “fall back” into an extra hour of sleep.

I don’t have much for you again today…but thanks for stopping by anyway! You guys rock!

<That was the sweet part. Here comes the short part!>


1. Check out the dinner I made on Monday night.

Looks delish right?

Or it would…if it weren’t burnt to a crisp.

My bad cooking strikes again!


2. During a math lesson this week, in which we were all seated on the floor working, one of my kiddos goes “Oh! Look at the little mouse over there!”

Insert 15 sets of eyes turning to stare into the little beady eyes of one not-so-little mouse.

Oh blug.

On the plus side, the good thing about teaching kindergarten is that I convinced them to move forward with the day (and a mouse in our room) pretty easily…

Me: “Remember that book we read called “If You Take a Mouse to School?”

Kids: “Yeah”

Me: “Well that’s what must be happening today. I guess this mouse just wants to learn what it’s like to spend a day in Kindergarten.”

Kids: “Oh okay”

Me: “That means the mouse will be watching, so let’s make sure we have great behavior and make really great choices. We need to set a good example.”

Kids: “Oohhh that’s true. We’ll be good.”

Moral to the story: I will use anything to try and inspire good behavior in the natives.


And that’s all I’ve got. How’d ya like that?


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