From the Mouths of Babes

I’ve been working on one of those “Kids Say the Darndest Things” posts using real quotes from a certain group of Kinders that I know. Sadly, I’ve been collecting quotes for a while and haven’t gotten very far…by the end of the day my brain is tired and I’ve forgotten all of the random things they say. (Or I’m annoyed because the some of the random things they say are rude. Just plain old rude.)

Buuuuutttttt anyway. Here’s a few fun ones I’ve collected for ya…


“I think it should be a rule that nobody can make or spread viruses.” -during a discussion on what the computer lab rules should be

“Hum…he must have been from the 50’s. Or maybe the 90’s.” -a student referring to another student’s dad

“Don’t say you can’t do it. Just keep trying!” -one student encouraging another…love that!

“Applebees? Yeah I’ve been there before. I drank way too much and passed out!” -…okay. right.

“Well I told my Mom I lied to her about sumthin’…but she didn’t ask me what…” -nice. really nice.

“NO! I’M THE FATHER OF THE BABY!” -when recess play turns a little too real.

“Do you even know how to work a tv?” -as I set up the vcr for a rainy-day recess movie

“You know how you’ve been teaching us about illegal drugs?” / “Um…well yeah I guess. You mean Red Ribbon week?” / “Yeah.” / “Well how exactly have I been teaching you about illegal drugs?” / “Like today. You let us wear boots.” / “What did the boots teach you?” / “They taught me to KICK THE ILLEGAL DRUGS.” / “Okay then. Well good. Glad we had this talk.”



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