I mustache you to stop by.

Oh yes. You heard me correctly. Another mustache reference. :{)

Before I begin today’s post, I’ve got to provide you with a little bit of background.


Last year I was super pumped about Halloween. Chris and I were sweet little newlyweds, living in a beautiful home in a nice neighborhood, and I just knew we were going to have so much fun passing out candy to all the little ghosts and ghouls running around. I set up a little table outside, decorated it, pulled over our little loveseat porch bench, and brought lots of sweets and treats.

Of course my sweet niece came by in her bumblebee costume, buzzing around and visiting our candy bucket as often as she could sneak away from her momma. When they left to walk around the neighborhood we stayed behind, sitting and expectantly waiting for the hoardes of kids that were sure to come.

And then we waited.

And we waited.

And we waited.

Major bummer. I think over the course of the evening we handed out candy to maybe 4 kids. And the last one came when we had given up and I was inside ripping down Halloween decorations and licking my wounds by stuffing my face with all the leftover candy.

It was all very sad.


So this year I felt like we needed a change. The church that we joined recently (and *love*) is hosted a “trunk or treat” in the parking lot that promised lots of kids and plenty of fun.

Oh yeah baby.

We were all encouraged to decorate our cars and even come up with a game or two for the trick-or-treaters to play. I knew I didn’t want to do anything scary to decorate, and I wanted to be creative and fun. Which led me to…the mustache car!

<Forgive me…the pics aren’t the best. We hit the ground running and I had to sneak in pictures when I got a spare moment…>

We started by putting a mustache on the car…

Mustaches on ourselves…

And mustaches for our trick-or-treaters…

It was all very silly. And all very fun!

What about you? I just “mustache”…how was your Halloween?


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2 thoughts on “I mustache you to stop by.

  1. You know, I have not really ever had “fun” at Halloween, nor have I enjoyed the whole process of dressing up for the said holiday. BUT ~ when we come back, if you “dress me up” I’d be willing to celebrate! You make it so much fun, and I am amazed at how Chris is all on board! He likes to have fun for sure, and he’s got someone to be himself with! Love ya, sweetie!


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