Huxley to the Rescue!


Did I scare ya?


How about now?…..

Pretty scary right?!

Chris obviously couldn’t handle the fright…

Or he couldn’t handle trying to cook with me.

It could go either way. 😉

That’s enough silliness for now though…so I’ll just say Happy Halloween!

I’ve got a few pics from the costume contest held at the pet store a couple of weekends ago…thought you might like a fright. (And a laugh!)

In case you can’t tell, Huxley and A are firefighters. As for Chris and I…we are unfortunate victims of a BBQ accident.

A loved all the dogs…almost as much as she loves her Uncle Chris!

Did I mention that we were the only dogowners at the contest that were dressed up as well?

Oh yeah. Because we were.

Is it strange that it didn’t even bother me to be dressed up like a maniac while everyone else was wearing normal clothes?

Not if you win first place baby!

Huxley’s first blue ribbon!

And if that wasn’t scary enough for ya, then just imagine what it must be like in my classroom today.

Halloween Day.

5 year olds.

Seriously. Scary.

At the very least you should be afraid for me.


(And today will be nothing compared to the horror of tomorrow. The day after Halloween. 5 year olds. Coming off of a candy high. YIKES!)

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