Scattered Saturday…Photo Op!

Another weekend is here at last…hip-hip-hooray! I am particularly excited about this weekend because my dear sweet friend-since-college turned teaching co-worker turned photographer extraordinaire is taking family pictures of Chris, Hux, and I today.

Should be a fun time right?! 🙂

<Well, fun for me at least. She’s the one who is going to have to try and capture both Chris AND Huxley doing the right thing. At the same time. God bless her heart.>

No doubt there will be a post coming up for you soon with pictures and stories galore…but for today I’ll leave you with a few scattered thoughts. 😉


1. I cut open a pumpkin at school this week for the kids to examine, poke, and prod. Unfortunately for them our time was cut short by an accidental fire alarm. Fortunately for me that meant I could use that pumpkin to fulfill my yearly “pumpkin carving quota.”

First I let Huxley sniff around a bit…

But when he wanted to eat the pumpkin I decided to speed the process along. (That and I was outside, alone, getting completely eaten alive by mosquitoes that were totally unaffected by my citronella candles.)

So here’s the finished product…

Not quite up to pinterest-par, but it’ll do.

2. We had a little bout of cold, rainy weather a couple of days ago…one of those wanna-be-at-home-snuggled-on-the-couch kind of days. Luckily for me the stars aligned and it was also “Pajama Day” at school, so I wore my sweats all day. *Glorious!*

Anyway, when I was actually back at home trying to make the snuggle-on-the-couch thing happen, Huxley kept wanting to go outside.

“Huxley, it’s raining out there.”

*ring-a-ding* (Remember? We have bells on the door that he rings when he wants to go out…)

“Huxley, it’s really windy and cold and very wet.”


“I don’t think you’ll like it…”


“I’m not staying out there with you.”



(*Just for the record, I fully understand that there is more wrong trying to reason with your dog than there is with talking to your dog. I still do both anyway.)

So I put him out there and went about my business. A few minutes later, when the wind was howling and the sky had let loose with a downpour, I decided I maybe should go check on him.

He was huddled on the porch, glaring at me, like I was the one who had suggested he go out there in the first place. When I brought him in I tried to towel him of, but he wiggled free and was on the run. The next thing I knew he was on the couch angrily barking at the door and the weather. Even after I wrapped the towel around him again he sat there grumping and groaning and growling for a good 10 minutes.

I never thought I would see an indignant dog…leave it to Huxley.

3. Yesterday I had a late day at school since we were hosting our annual “Fall Festival.” It was loads of fun, and Kindergarten ran the “Pumpkin Bowling” booth. If you’ve got little ones at home, you should totally save a few coke bottles and pumpkin bowl at your family Thanksgiving party. I promise it’s a great time! 🙂

4. And as a final thought…here’s a *tear* for the Rangers. So sad.


And that’s all I’ve got. How’d ya like that?


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