Need a Halloween Costume?

Halloween’s right around the corner, and I know lots of people out there are starting to think about what to dress up as. As a lover of a good costume, I thought I’d open up my costume closet (Yes. I do have one of those.) and try to inspire you a bit. Scary is not my name and creative is my game…so if you are up for some grins and giggles then lets get on with it! ūüėČ

We’ll start with my¬†personal fav…a look I put together using thrift store finds, candy containers, and plastic fruit….

The Chiquita Banana Lady!!

That’s the best pic I can find of the headpiece, which I had until it practically disinegrated a¬†couple of years ago. My mom helped me make it using a brimless baseball cap, plastic cup,¬†plastic fruit, and a scarf. It was¬†A-WESOME!

Gah I really love that costume.


Next up: good ol’ fashioned prom/bridesmaid dress…

The possibilities are endless! This was another thrift store find and would be perfect for an 80’s prom¬†or beauty queen (I’ve gone that route with this dress before), or you could zombie it up if you like a scarier approach.


Ahoy there ‘matey!

I actually wore this costume to school one year for a vocabulary parade…I was a “rambling” pirate. (If you had known¬†me in my¬†former life you would realize that this was¬†a play on words. My maiden¬†name was “Gamblin” so¬†I was the “Ramblin’¬†Gamblin.”)


Another school costume…all in the name of promoting heart health!

I’ll admit that I was none to happy when this costume didn’t win an award. I thought it was very original.


I found this next sequined monostrosity jewel at Goodwill last year, but haven’t yet had the opportunity to wear it. No doubt one will present itself sometime in my future…I just hope I can still fit into it when that time comes!

The skirt is folded up on the hanger underneath, but it has a floor length matching skirt w/ a slit up the side.

Maybe I can talk¬†Chris into taking me to a fancy dinner or something. ūüėČ


Another beautiful costume I’ve worn was “Cleopatra”…and suprisingly I found this one at Wal-Mart. I *love* the colors!

It’s kind of¬†hard to see from this pic, but there’s a great headpiece, and the drape has bracelet cuffs that match the collar. Love that detail!

I talked Chris into being Caesar that year. I honestly can’t even tell you if Cleopatra and Caeser were even around at the same time¬†historically, but we rocked it out that Halloween either way.

(*These costumes will potentially make an appearance another year…Huxley¬†could wear the Gladiator costume!)


Last year I hosted a “Ghouls Only” Halloween party, and after much deliberation I decided to be the Statue of Liberty. I had a torch and everything…it was very patriotic.

I think I need to invest in an Uncle Sam costume for Chris…maybe we could rent ourselves out for 4th of July parties or something.

(Hum…that didn’t sound quite right did it?)

That’s the only pic I could find…but you get the idea. My friend K made a pretty sweet gypsy didn’t she? ūüôā


Sadly, I don’t have digital photos of most of my other costumes…or the energy to pull out the albums and take pictures of all of them. In case you still haven’t quite found what you are looking for, let me suggest a few others from my arsenal of costumes…

*Princess / Beauty Queen: This is what I was literally EVERY. YEAR. as a child. I just could not get over myself apparently. I loved me a pretty dress, a sash, and crown.

*Gargoyle: This is what my brother was the year he made the biggest haul in the history of Halloween-candy-hauls. As a princess, I got the standard “Oh how pretty you are.” and “Here’s one small piece of candy for you.” Meanwhile Caleb, with his huge INFLATABLE wings, had women calling their husbands to the door to check him out, all while they were scooping out handfuls of candy into his bag.

I’m not bitter or anything.

What you should keep in mind is that this was the mid-90’s, which was the pre-inflatable everything era…and that these wings were very large and impressive. I can’t even find an adequate picture on the internet to give you an idea of how glorious these wings were.

I don’t want to talk about this anymore.

*Bottle of Pepto Bismol: I can’t say that I’m sad there’s no picture of this one to permanently upload to the land of the internet. My mom had worn a “Pepto Bismol” costume when she was a young adult, and as a tweenager I decided that it would be really cool if I followed in her footsteps and did the same. You can imagine my shock and dismay when I didn’t even place in the costume contest. I mean, seriously.

For those of you wondering how to pull this off, you should get a pepto pink sweatsuit. Replicate the bottle label using a couple of yellow posterboards, then tape them together like a tube and use ribbon as the straps. Make another tube out of black posterboard and cute a hole out for your face. Voila!

<I can’t say that I recommend this one if you are looking to maintain your “cool” status. We should have known then that I’d be a little on the eccentric side.>

*Rock Star: This works well if you are a skinny college freshman who has recently lost weight after a break-up and can fit into your roommates black tube dress. Add high heels, a boa, and a microphone. The microphone is very important (as I found out), or people will mistake you for something other than a rock star.

*Tooth Fairy: Perfect for a girl on a budget. I wore pink striped pajama hats, a sparkly pink shirt, and added a dollar store tutu. Hair in pigtails, sequiny crown, loads of body glitter, and a wand will turn you into every toothless child’s dream.

*White Trash Mama: I put together this particular costume for a “White Trash Bash” in college. (So not politically correct, but that’s neither here nor there.) Head to the thrift store and grab a moo-moo, tall white socks, and some worn-out shoes. Take advantage of sleeping in and forgo washing your hair for a few days. Overdo the blush, add a big ol’ beauty mark mole, and smear on the lipstick.

Or, for another variation, dress as skanked out as possible, stuff your stomach so that you look super preggo, then carry around a cigarette and empty beer bottle. That would work too.


That doesn’t even begin to cover what I’ve got in the way of accessories and props, but it at least gives you a start. If there’s advice I’d give you in the way of costumes it’s that¬†a little bit of money and a LOT OF CREATIVITY can get you a long way. I do most of my costume shopping at thrift stores, and always have so much fun putting together crazy outfits and costumes.

So…get out there and put together an awesome Hallowen costume for Monday night! Imagine how surprised the kids in your neighborhood would be if they rang your doorbell and found a bottle of pepto bismol standing there? Or the tooth fairy? Or a gargoyle?! <Oh what the hey. If you manage to find a set of inflatable gargoyle wings you should just rock ’em out and go trick-or-treating yourself. I would.>

I’ve got a post coming up for you on Monday about some of our Halloween fun this year,¬†so here’s a little preview to prove to you that I practice what I preach. ūüėČ


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