Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to my sweet niece, Happy Birthday to you!

Luckily for me, I came into the “Thompson Family” picture right around the time Chris’ sister was pregnant with her first child. Although I wasn’t officially Baby A’s aunt when she was born, it was long before the deal was sealed and she was stuck with me forever. 🙂

Since she is always so much fun to shop for, I’m always ready to put together a little gift for her. As a one-year old she was thrilled to receive a purse stocked with lots of goodies…inspired by her love of digging through my purse. As a two-year old we were all giggling as we watched her “cook” at the little kitchen set we got her.

And now she’s a big girl…3 years old!

Keeping in with our “budget friendly” theme, I decided to get thrify and put together a dress-up box for A’s birthday this year. Most of the goodies were purchased off of the dollar aisles of various stores, but I don’t think that makes it any less fun. Doesn’t it look like fun to you?

What girl doesn’t remember walking around in little dress up heels?

You are a star A-bug!

The little girl in me wants to wear this and prance around. Think she’ll let me borrow it?!

I hope she’ll spin around like a little fairy in these wings…

Is it too early to start pushing her to be the family doctor?

Maybe we can get her to sing her ABC’s and 123’s into this baby…

Tea party anyone?

This goes perfectly with Huxley’s costume…hint*hint!

A girl’s gotta accessorize!

What a ham! (I bet Uncle Chris will be borrinw this one!)

Ever get a bee in your bonnet?

Pretty princess!

Who knows, maybe she’ll need to pack up a few of her pretties to take with her somewhere…


For those moments she’s feeling like a walk on the wild side.

Put it all together, add a little glitter and a pretty bow…

and I’d say that’s a pretty rockin gift for a pretty rockin girl!

Happy Birthday A!


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One thought on “#IbuygiftsforothersthatIwantformyself

  1. It’s hard to believe she’s already 3 years old. I’ll bet she loved those things. You can buy me dress up things anytime!


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