My Kind of Cooking

In my class we do a little something called “The Friday Dance.” Basically we do silly dance moves like the mashed potato, egyptian walk, weed whacker,disco, etc. while singing “IT’S FRIDAY, IT’S FRIDAY, IT’S FRIDAY…WOO-WOO…WOO-WOO” x 2.

We love it.

First, I want to reassure you that the Hux-man is doing just fine after his little surgery.

These pictures were taken right after he got home…he was quite tuckered out. Since then he’s already been eating and drinking and trying to run around…getting him to limit his activity for the next 10 days until his stitches come out isn’t going to be the easiest job ever.

I’m afraid we’re going to have to use a cone while we’re away. Poor baby.

Secondly, I want to *gasp* share another recipe with you. Although technically I’m not exactly sure it’s a “recipe” so much as a hodge-podge. As a matter of fact, I can pretty much explain it using almost no words, only pics.

*those are black beans!

 *baked zucchinis and squash w/ olive oil & spices

*This pic was taken AFTER we finished eating. I was so hungry that I forgot to take a finished pic before we ate.

But, basically the idea is just to mix it all together.

And that’s my kind of cookin’.

Have a great Friday!


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