21 Suggestions for Success

Since my list of “Truths for Mature Human Beings” post was so WILDLY popular <meaning it got 3 comments or so *wink*wink*> I thought it was absolutely essential for me to pass this list along to you as well. 🙂

<I like how it says “suggestions” for success instead of “rules.” Not sure why…I just do.>

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1. I don’t know if I’d say it determines your level of happiness, (I’m too big on taking responsibility for your actions and feelings) but it definitely plays a big role. I’m very glad to have married the right person for me!

2. Even though it is hard and it wears me out, teaching is my calling. I learned the hard way that a big part of enjoying what you do is being able to enjoy where you do it. Work is hard enough…it’s worth it to find a place you are happy spending most of your waking hours!

3. I really love this particular suggestion. I’m not always super great at the “cheerful” part, but I don’t think people always exactly catch on when I’m not feeling it.

4. Lately I have been feeling like this is something I need to strive to do more. There’s a lot of stress at work and I’ve learned that part of being a grown-up involves helping your friends and family through big, grown-up issues…so I’d like to be able to encourage others and uplift them.

5. Biggest lesson I ever learned on forgiveness is that “forgive and forget” isn’t always possible. With really hurtful situations I had to learn to forgive every single time I thought of the person or situation…sometimes several times daily, then every day, then less and less as time went on. Sometimes the person I had to forgive over and over was myself.

I am so thankful that there is no limit to the Lord’s forgiveness in my life…why would I place limits on myself or others?

6. This is one reason Chris and I want to get out of debt…when you manage your money well you are in a better place to give to others. Not saying we can’t or shouldn’t do it now, just that as we loosen our grip on material things and learn to live within our means I believe God will begin to use us more.

7. I try to make a point to express my gratitude to God and my family and my friends and my coworkers…but I’m sure I could do a better job. Sometimes I get so caught up in my own little world that I just rock along, only stopping to comment when something happens that I don’t like, as opposed to all the things that happen that I do like.

I don’t think I’m alone in that, by the way. It’s kind of the American way.

8. Why are so many of these suggestions so hard?! 🙂 I agree though, “Little Engine That Could” all the way baby!

9. Touche! Working on this one daily…getting closer to our goals, hoping that we’ll be on a healthy financial track to build our family on.

10. This is Kindergarten Basics 101.

11. I’ve definitely embraced this as a teacher (it’s hard not to!), and I’ve been working to embrace it as a wife through lots of reading and prayer and discussion with people who have made their marriages thrive!

12. I agree…except when it comes to me trying to cook. Then it isn’t so much about quality as it is about everything being edible. 😛

13. People are eternal…things are not!

14. Huxley is, scratch that, WAS teaching me a lot about loyalty. Until my brother moved in and Huxley decided he liked Caleb better than me. How rude.

15. Okay then. To be honest, I am totally distracted by the use of a period on this particular suggestion when it was not using on most others. Is that wrong of me?

16. Hum…interesting thought. I’m trying to decide if I’m a self-starter or not. If you know me, tell me if you think I am or not. 😉

17. I’m not always the most decisive person…I actually have an app to help me out with that. No seriously. There’s an app for that.

18. This is like my mantra. I don’t always like it when I’m the one needing to own up, but I seriously just think if everyone would take responsibility for their words and actions that the world would be a better place. Does that sound too beauty pageant-ish for ya?

19. I’m not super bold and courageous…in big ways at least, but I feel like I am in little ways. I mean, I’m def not the friend you want to take sky-diving or anthing. Or bungee jumping. I’m pretty sure I won’t look back when I’m 80 and wish I had done either of those things.

20. Yes, yes, YES! If we aren’t careful (we meaning…me!) then we take things out on the ones we love, instead of taking care of them. It’s not fair, and it’s not happy. My loved ones deserve better.

21. Definitely a good filter to run everything through. Are you proud of this post Momma?

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? I’d love to hear from you friends!


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2 thoughts on “21 Suggestions for Success

  1. Re'Genna Gamblin

    Yes dear. I’m proud of this post, but please don’t be dissappointed if I do not respond in a lengthy, all inclusive response….this whole thing just felt like too much pressure for a Wednesday night. May God forgive me my failures today and provide a good night’s sleep, and maybe tomorrow my goals with be lofty 😉

    • Oh goodness I didn’t expect you to respond to all of them again…it was a lot of pressure for even me! I love the last line of your comment though…that’s a quote I may use again! 🙂


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