Everything fried but the kitchen sink.

This past weekend I set out for an afternoon adventure at the State Fair. The original plan had been for the girls in my home-group to head up to try out a few fried foods and rock out at the Hanson concert (mmBop baby!) later that evening. It turned out that a few of the girls couldn’t make it…nor could Hanson. (Turns out a couple of the guys are sick…join the club Hanson brothers. Everyone seems to be sick these days.)

So we went to plan B.

L, R, and I decided to go ahead and make the trip up…with pretty much the sole intention of eating as much fried food as possible.

132 tickets later (which is the equivalent of $66) we had tried more than our fair share of State Fair food. Here’s the breakdown…

Country-Fried Bacon

Verdict: Ultimately the #1 fried food…so, so, so delicious! Sinfully delicious.

It’s also very, VERY bad news that I just found out that a restaurant which is WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE FROM MY HOUSE serves country-fried bacon. If I go missing…you might want to tell my husband to check there first. Just sayin’.

Fried Cheesecake

Verdict: Very tasty, not overly rich…I’d def recommend it others

Fried Salsa

Verdict: Visually…very odd. Texturally…very odd & dry. Flavor…not much to speak of & dry. Without the cheese it probably would have tasted like kittie litter. Not that I’ve eaten kittie litter.

Fried Bubblegum

Verdict: This came out of all of our mouth’s as fast as it went in. As equally bad as the bacon was good. And, if you want to get technical about it, it should have been called “fried bubblegum flavored marshmallows.” Or just…”grossness.”


There were tons of fried drinks <don’t ask me how that works!> and too many fried foods to count.  It would have been crazy expensive to have tried EVERY bit of fried food that was available, and some of it we just were not feeling. I mean, fried chocolate covered jalepenos?!

Since I’ve tried the fried butter before, I wasn’t too worried about taste-testing it again. I did, however, want to try the fried cookie dough…but the line was too long. Bummer. So we settled instead for tornado fries, a foot-long corndog, and 2 sticks of chocolate covered strawberries.

I did mention that we split all of this food right?!

Anyway, the fair was great, the food was fantastic, the company was fun!  (Just don’t tell me how many calories I consumed. Seriously. Don’t.)


P.S. That was my crazy “People of the State Fair” picture. That was a supa’ huge gorilla that this chick must have won on the Midway or something. Holy Moly!!!

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