Truths for Mature Humans, such as myself. Right.

Good morning! I found this somewhere…won’t mention where in case some of you are getting tired of hearing about it…but it starts with a p and ends with an interest. Moving on…

There was no easy way to format this post, so you can read the graphic first, then scroll down to see my thoughts on some of the points. I would love for you to leave a comment about the points you can relate to…I think it would be fun to see how “mature” we all are. 😉

Most of this is so true but I don't agree about the HS kids.  Maybe as a teacher I'm too close to issue to be objective though.


(*If I left it blank…it means I don’t have much of an opinion on that particular point. I realize you are going to be doing a lot of scrolling back and forth anyway, so I’m trying to help you out here.)

1. My computer history is not so exciting, so this isn’t really necessary for me. I can tell you exactly what you’d find: blog, pinterest, facebook, e-mail, web-md, google…and that’s about it.

2. Hate, hate, hate that. It does happen to me from time to time. Usually my tactic to deal with it is to try and  confuse the person I’m arguing with to distract from the fact that I’m wrong.

3. I honestly do. And the naps are one of the main things I miss about college. Now those were the good days…

4. I would definitely want to use a sarcasm font, but I can see myself getting into trouble with it too.

5. Chris and I usually try, then just give up and crumple them into a ball.

6. Cursive? Probably not necessary, but I still like to use it when I write. Actually, when I’m not using my “oh-so-proper” kindergarten teacher handwriting, my personal style is a combination of print, cursive, capitals and lowercase.

7. So true. The same is true for Ken, my GPS. (Yes, I named my GPS. The dude talking has an australian accent…and that may or may not have been the reason I chose that particular GPS.)

8. Morbid? Kind of. But I did actually have that thought the other day.

9. I was just having this conversation with another teacher. When will the tiredness stop?! Apparently NEVER. Boo.

10. No comment.

11. Another true statement. Sometimes I push through, sometimes we have a little something I like to call “extra recess.”



14. This thing is reading me like a book…so true! I’ve stopped even buying clothes that say they require ironing. I’ve finally admitted that it’s just not going to happen.

15. I do get a little annoyed when this happens to me, but I know I do it pretty regularly to other people…so I guess I can’t say much. In my defense, it usually happens when I’m returning a series of calls. If you don’t answer, I move on down the list!





20. Yeah…I wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the ghetto. I’ve got no street smarts.

21. So many “cartoons” are this way, like Shrek. It’s kind of wild when you consider the amount of adult humor that is in most of those movies.

22. This was especially true when I lived in an upstairs apartment. I hated carrying in groceries.


24. Or sadness and hunger. Or stress and hunger. Blah. Let’s just say that lately I’ve been so hungry ALL THE TIME that I’m having trouble distinguishing much of anything from hunger.

25. I do this with my neighbor all the time. All the time.


27. I knew it was time to wash a pair of my pants the other day when I could slide them down without unbuttoning or unzipping them. Glad nobody tried to “pants me” that day.


29. Which is exactly why I don’t lean back in my chair.

30. Once, when learning to ride my bike, I ran into a truck that was stopped at a stop sign. So embarassing. (Not exactly sure how that relates, but I thought of it nonetheless.)

31.  This happens to me most typically right at the start of school. I have so much going on, in life and in my head, that I have trouble focusing on the even the most simple things.

32. Again, no truer statement. I set my regular alarm clock and my phone, and I can snooze them both with my eyes shut. It’s kind of dangerous really…I’ve been known to turn them off in my sleep. No bueno when I’m supposed to be waking up.


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6 thoughts on “Truths for Mature Humans, such as myself. Right.

  1. Mary Book

    I really enjoyed this. I must not be very mature because I could comment on so many of these ~ but I will keep it to just one.
    24. I have a weight problem because I can eat when I’m happy or when I’m sad; lonely or with people; hungry or full; even awake or alseep. I JUST LIKE TO EAT!

  2. Alexis

    I’m waiting for my table outside at Rock Fish, while my husband parks the car, laughing hysterically! By myself! So many I could comment on, but I’d be here all night. Happy Friday!

  3. Re'Genna Gamblin

    Okay…you asked for it…1) computer history-boring, 2) never wrong in an argument ;), 3) hard to beat a good nap, 4) sarcasm…not so much, 5) can fold fitted sheets-need tutorials?, 6) Ahh cursive-a dying art, 7) source of pride-I can read and fold real paper maps, 8) sometimes family requessts for memorials hint at cause of death, 9) tired…sometimes 24/7…most energized when on a beach or in the mountains, 10) never made a bad decision ;), 11) especially on my day off when I realize shortly after waking up that nothing is getting done that day, 12) what’s blue ray?, 13) slightly terrified every time I use a computer for anything, 14) only buy wash/wear, 15) answer me when I call you back dangit, 16) N/A, 17) don’t answer #’s I don’t know, 18) N/A, 19) probably…question is would they kiss that person sober?, 20) a little “ghetto” makes the trip more of an adventure, 21) seldon rewatch movies, 22) indentions in the wrist from heavy plastic sacks go away eventually, 23) red lights-Boo, Texting while driving-Shame on you, 24) hungry…hard to say, and too often irrelevant, 25) just nod and smile, 26) no traffic in Brown County America, 27) wear once, not dirty, lay on dresser, when good and dusty…wash, 28) high school students, jr. high students, elementary students, the population in general :(, 29) move your clip! we don’t lean in our chairs, 30) bikes-for over achievers, 31) what time is it anyway?, 32) keys/phone lost in the black hole (purse), snooze button always in the exact same place. Well, “there you go!”


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