Me in a Nutshell.

Today I have a few little vignettes for y’all…little glimpses of what makes me who I am.

Not gonna lie, who I am can be a little weird sometimes.

Let’s get on with it…

not good for my hypochondriac-self


WebMD is my #1 “frenemy” (think friend + enemy). It is my automatic go-to when I start feeling something a little off in my body, or when I want to self-diagnose to see if I can self-medicate. Of course, my searches on WebMD hardly ever lead me down the 0ver-the-counter route. Typically they lead me down the “oh-my-gosh I think I’m about to kick it” route.

It is for that exact reason that I’m trying to wean myself off of WebMD. It’s not good for my mental health.

Me into We


I think I’ve only written like a million posts on this topic. (Or maybe 10ish. Whatever.) I learn more about this everyday, and I’m thankful for my patient husband and forgiving Lord.



This one just made me laugh. I’m not always an inappropriate joke-teller, but get me in the right mood and I can be pretty funny. Or so I’m told.

best in the world!


My Mom is more than great. She is my best friend, and I aspire to be like her in so many ways…as a wife, parent, friend, teacher, and as a human being in general. If one were to look back in my call history, she would without a doubt be the recipient of the majority of the phone calls I’ve made. She is absolutely fabulous, and I do love her lots!

bwahahaha. sooo true!!!


If I’ve tried to explain this to Chris once, I’ve tried to explain this to him 1,000 times. He looked over my should when I was pinning it and said “Hey, haven’t you said something like that to me before?”

Uh, yes.

Yes I have.




Thanks to my crazy husband, I’m never short on humor or laughter in my life. I think being able to laugh together is one of our biggest strengths as a couple, and it’s definitely one of the things I enjoy most about our relationship. many times have we said this?


Ever pull up next to someone at a stop light and look over to see them just jamming to whatever song is on their radio? I mean singing (at what looks like the top of their lungs), dancing around, making weird faces as they try to hit the high notes…and absolutely oblivious to the fact that there are other people watching?

Yeah. That’s me.

I love to sing, and I love to sing loud. This does get me in trouble on occasion when the actual singer and I have a little discrepency on what the real words of the song are. I usually blush a little and stammer my way through the rest of the song. Chris usually laughs so hard he can hardly stand it. Haters gonna hate…I just keep doing my thang!

too true @Laine Bryant


Touche. I remember reading a chapter book backwards once just because I ran out of books and wanted to try something new. My mom would usually have to force me to put the book down and go outside to play…and if I was in the car, then I was going to have a book in my hand.

Not much has changed.

thought it was just me!


I read this and said “YES!”

That is all.

And that’s all I’ve got for ya today…now you know a little more about me than you did before you logged on. Lucky you! 😉

KEEP CALM & IF YOU CAN RELATE…THEN LEAVE ME A COMMENT! (Because no one likes to feel all alone in their weirdness.)

P.S. – Thank you for reading my blog…especially on days when it’s just little snippets of information about a silly girl. You guys are awesome!

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2 thoughts on “Me in a Nutshell.

  1. Re'Genna Gamblin

    Your uniqueness is one of my very most favorite things about you!!!


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