Can’t. Stop. Pinning.

<*Note: If you are not on Pinterest or do not care about Pinterest…then this post may not be for you. Sorry friend. Check back with me tomorrow. Much love!>


Happy Columbus Day! You did know it was Columbus Day right?

That’s about the extent of what I’m willing to say about Columbus. The last time I tried to reference it turned out badly for me.

In a nutshell: High School Sr, writing a scholarship essay for the Daughters of the American Revolution…where I said that Columbus sailed to America in 1892 for religious freedom. With the pilgrims.

In case you are also historically challenged, that’s not what really went down. My bad.


I’ve got the day off of work, as does the husband, as does the brotha. I feel a whole lotta laziness coming on. Surely you know what that means…PINTEREST MARATHON! So in honor of that, I’ve “pinned” a lot of “pins” about “pinterest” for you today. Pinjoy!

Describe myself in one word: Pinster. Hell yeah.


My name is Mina. It has been seconds since my last pin. [:


absolutely true.


That familiar feeling


No, I really do.


so true! :)




the pinterest paradox


pinterest obsession in a blog.. ehe    #pinterest, #quotes, #blogs


Lovin' this thing called Pinterest




@Erin Kristin @Sabrina Matthews @Jess Charlena @Miranda Parrott






If you are a fellow “pinner” then you are probably A) shrieking with laughter or B) shouting “Amen Sista!”

If you are not a fellow “pinner” then you are probably A) shaking your head because “I just don’t get it.” or B) you want in.

If you don’t get it and don’t wanna, then that doesn’t hurt my feelings. I did warn you what this post was going to be about. 🙂

If you want in, then shoot me an e-mail at and I’ll send you an invite. OR you can check it out by clicking on the Pinterest link I added to the sidebar of my sweet little bloggie.

One last warning: proceed with caution. I haven’t met a person yet that didn’t become addicted once they got started. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


But whether you pin or not, or whether you have the day off or not, I hope you have a great Monday! Talk to you again soon!


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One thought on “Can’t. Stop. Pinning.

  1. I do believe you need to be admitted to P.A. (Pinterest Anonymous). LOL ~ BUT, I’d be there right with you! It is truly addicting! HUGS! to you and my darling son!


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