Scattered Saturday…the Wal-Mart edition

Happy Saturday! Life in a smallish Texas town generally revolves around one place…Wal-Mart. Coincidently, so does today’s post. Enjoy!

1. Found this on Wal-Mart’s little “dollar aisle.” <Side note…it in no way compares to say, Target’s, dollar aisle. It’s pretty sad actually.> But I saw it, figured what the hey, and went for it.

Doesn’t it look good on him?

So so cute. Too bad when I was looking he chewed the arm and wriggled it off of himself. Now that’s talent.

2. I have REALLY been wanting to get a potted plant for the porch…something fallish, ya know? I’ve been holding off for one main reason…the one I got last year is still blowing around in the field behind our house, dead as a doornail. That was a year ago, not that big of a deal right? Well it is when I killed it about 1.5 weeks after I bought it.


So on one of my most recent trips to Wal-Mart I decided to go with a nice artificial arrangement. Much safer for everyone.

Now hopefully it won’t blow away…

3. Speaking of Wal-Mart, since that seems to be a developing trend in this post, I randomly got choked up on the bread aisle. I still get a little choked up just thinking about it. 😦

I turned the aisle and came across a woman helping her elderly mother do her grocery shopping. She was managing the cart and her mother like a pro, and I just couldn’t help but be reminded about how often my own mother made trips like that with my Pappy. That’s no easy feat, let me tell ya…

It just reminded me how much I really miss my Pappy.

4. Saw this on Facebook. Literally laughed out loud. Had to share.

5. This last one doesn’t have anything to do with Wal-Mart, it’s mostly just about how much I need this 3 day weekend. (Hel-lo Columbus Day!) Yesterday afternoon was full of kids doing stuff that was “so weird there’s NO WAY I could even begin to make that up.” Like the kid who smeared his pudding snack all over his face, then tried to tell me that he didn’t do it on purpose. Right. Just like it was an accident that I didn’t tell him that he missed a spot right between his eyes. Or the group of kids I had to conference with the teach them NOT to sniff the dry erase markers. Lovely.

So that’s all I got, how’d ya like that?! 🙂


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