Spook-tacular! Boo-tiful!

October is one of my favorite months. I love the colors of fall, I love the crispness of the air, I love the smell of apples and cinnamon and vanilla. And, although it’s not my fav holiday, I love Halloween.

Think about it friend. Halloween = CANDY.

Was there really any question as to how I would feel about Halloween?

<I should clarify that I like the cute, sparkly, purple/green/orange/black, non-scary version of Halloween. The kid-version all the way.>

So this past weekend I dug out even MORE decorations and added a little Halloween fun to the house…I just couldn’t resist! If you ask me it looks vondurful! (*Proper pronunciation of “vondurful” requires you to speak like a vampire. Just sayin.)

The dining room…that adorable felt banner says “Happy Halloween” and is so cute! I snagged it from Target last season…

This is my little “Pappy shelf” in the corner…the perfect place for a few little knicki-knacks!

(You don’t even have to ask. Here.)

Another little corner shelf…the paint can was made/decorated for me by a dear friend of mine. I look forward to pulling it out every year!

Isn’t that quilted piece beatiful?! My mother-in-law, who is a quilter extraordinaire, made it for me last Halloween. The detailing is gorgeous, the colors are perfect, and it looks great on the back of the loveseat…so festive!

Can I first just say that I LOVE my buffet? I rescued this lovely from my aunt & uncle’s barn…it literally had animal feed in the top drawer! A little old English rub and some TLC was all it took for it to be presentable enough for the house, and the distressed look is kind of in right?!

Moral to the story: If you ever find a buffet…snatch that baby up!

And then there’s the banner. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but doesn’t it look so adorable hanging there?! I’ll definitely run that decorating trend into the ground…I’ve already decided that I’m going to make one for every holiday. It looks too good not to have one hanging year round!

Here’s one final look for ya…my home makes me so happy!

So what about you boo? Do you like the scary Halloween decorations or the cute Halloween decorations?

Do you think I’m a total heathen because I decorate for Halloween?

If so…then no candy for you!

<Sorry. Channeling the “soup nazi” from Seinfeld there.>



<Sparkly. How I like my Halloween decorations AND my vampires. Somebody stop me!>

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