Pinterest Lovelies

Hey there friends! No tricks for you today…only a few treats brought to you courtesy of Pinterest!

As you’ll probably remember, a few nights ago I got together with a few girlfriends to have a “Pinterest Party.” It’s this new thing we made up where you bring pinterest recipes to try and pinterest crafts to make. I totally feel a new trend coming on here…it’s going to be all the rage!

<And it is also kinda nerdy. I get that. But if it’s nerdy, then I don’t want to be cool.>

So, as I was saying, our host had us all over and opened up her craft room to us. She has a cricut. She has loads of scrapbook paper. She has spools of ribbons and lots of scissors and plenty of glue. *Sigh* I was only able to keep my jealousy in check because she’s my friend. 😉

After plenty of girl talk, we moved to the kitchen to try out a few new recipes…and more girl talk. I made the avocado chicken salad, L made white queso, T made baked zucchini strips, and R made tasty little pretzel/hershey’s hugs/candy corn treats for dessert. Despite a few worries (everyone has them over new recipes) I thought everything was DELISH.

We worked for a while, then when we were ready for a stretch we went back to the kitchen to try out my dessert drink…hot pumpkin white chocolate. Basically pumpkin pie in a cup. A little on the thick side and rich enough that you don’t want a whole lot, but pretty darn tasty.

Isn’t pinterest fun?!

But the real focus of the night was craftiness. It was so fun to see what everyone brought to work on and how each girl’s personal style came out in her projects. A couple of the girls worked on wreaths…both were beautiful, both were different. I’d hang either one of them in my house for sure…*hint*hint* friends. 😉

T worked on several projects, my favorite of which included modge-podging lace onto vases and tv trays. Thanks for that T…I now have a thing for lace. Man oh man.

Beyond that there was a little glass etching, a little crocheting, and a few second degree burns from the hot glue gun. Ouch!

Then there was me…with my lofty list of 8+ crafts. Can’t say I completed them all, but I’m pretty happy with what I did finish. See what you think…

Remember this little beauty? Got it at a garage sale for $3?

A little spray paint, pretty fabric, embellishment, and a staple gun later…and now she looks like this!

 Too bad everyone is taking bets on how long before Huxley destroys it with his mouth of shiny new teeth. 😛

Then I started on a project that was not previously on my list of to-do’s…but once I found this super cute Halloween paper I knew I NEEDED to make a banner. Yes, I said NEED. Not want. NEED.

Easy to make, and relatively cheap too. I’m also pretty pumped about them because they are going to the first pictures that I “pin” to Pinterest. Big day people, big day.

You’ll see more pics of this next one tomorrow, but I love all my banners equally. I’m a good banner-maker like that.

Then I moved on to my weird moustache projects. Although my friends don’t exactly get the fascination, they didn’t make fun of me.

At least not to my face.

What can I say? I must be embracing my inner moustache. 😉

Next up was my 3 minute craft…a post-it note holder! Plastic frame laying down w/ cute scrapbook paper. Voila!

The elementary teacher in me does little clap & jump thing that girls do when they get excited every time I get to bust out the googly-eyes. So you can imagine what I looked like when I finished this fun frame…now I just have to decide what to put in it!

The final craft of the night (I didn’t get to any of my signs…guess that means we need another party!) was my headband holder. It was super easy, looks great, and matches our master bedroom.

Too bad it’s not wide enough to actually hold any of my headbands.


 The night was definitely a success…we had a great time, and I left feeling happy, encouraged, and with a bagful of pretties. (Oh, and there was the added blessing of our husbands making it home safe and sound…they met up for a little gun shooting & bbq. Yes, Chris’ testosterone level was almost intolerable when I returned. It was matched only by my estrogen level…it took us a while to level out and be able to have a normal interaction. Ha!)

Already starting to pin pretties for winter/Christmas crafts…who’s hosting next time?!


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3 thoughts on “Pinterest Lovelies

  1. How fun! Do you think we could have an pinterest/mother/mother-in-law/daughter/daughter-in-law party when I move back?? 🙂

  2. Re'Genna Gamblin

    Absolutly…I’m in!!!!!!!


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