Huxley gets a new do.

Happy Monday everyone! Hope your weekend was as *superb* as mine…and praying that Monday is kind to all of us! 😉


On Saturday we decided that Huxley was starting to smell a little too much like the dog that he is, and we started to notice A LOT of shedding happening. So we decided to treat him to a little “night at the spa.” Everyone got in on the action, and Huxley certainly wasn’t complaining about all the attention. Of course he did keep trying to run away…hum….

Spa Service: Brazilian Brush-Out

Not sure what makes it “brazilian,” but it was a great way to start freeing up some of that loose puppy hair. 🙂

Spa Service: Ear Cleaning

Let’s just be honest, with big ol’ ears like that, there’s some cleaning that needs to happen.

Spa Service: Nail Trimming

There are no pictures of this one…mostly because it took all three of us to get this particular job done safely. Huxley did very well and I managed to keep from clipping any of them too short. Whew.

Spa Service: Hot Tub

*Disclaimer: It was really more like a lukwarm tub. Which was a good thing since he drank a good size amount of water before I added the soap.

Spa Service: Shampoo Massage

Sure, the bathtub looks clean now…it was too gross afterwards for me to even take a picture of. This new hair-shedding thing is kind of grossing me out. Any suggestions on how to handle the debris?

Huxley really does well when during bath time though…he doesn’t mind getting scrubbed down.

Spa Service: Brazilian Blow-Out

Now before you go to judging me on this one, I was mostly being silly here. And, as you can see by the blur that is Huxley, he was too hyped up from the bath to take it very seriously either.

Spa Service: Teeth cleaning

I’m not exactly sure that this does any good..he licks the paste off before I can even scrub his teeth down. At least I’m trying to help him have good dental hygiene.

So after an hour worth of scrubbing and poking and brushing….

He’s a new man!

He is so soft and shiny and clean…I really need to start bathing him more often. And doesn’t he look handsome in his little bandana?


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One thought on “Huxley gets a new do.

  1. If he keeps shedding 1800PetMeds has a deshedding pill that works well, There are others at other places but we’ve found that the 1800PetMeds is the best. There is also a treatment that Kelly got for Daisy from the groomer that seemed to help even better, I’d ask Kelly if you are interested in that, she’ll be able to explain it and how well it worked better than I could


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