Scattered Saturday…So Long September!

Perhaps my shortest “Scattered Saturday” post ever. Be amazed. 🙂

1. 10 Little Fingers & 10 Little Toes: Congrats to my cousins Kyle & Kathleen! They welcomed sweet little Cody Wayne into the world on Wednesday, and my whole family couldn’t be more excited! I’m hoping to meet him sometime soon…I’m sure he’s a handsome little thing!

2. New fall hair color: Went back to something closer to my normal color…plus a little warmth. I feel more like myself now. 🙂

3. Empty Nest Syndrome: We had a great first week of the brotha living with us…but this week he’ll be gone to the State Fair. Empty nesters already…whatever will we do with ourselves?

4. Parental Alert: The parents drove in this weekend to catch up with us and hang out a bit. We are a little tied down right now because of Puppy Kindergarten, so it’s great to see them!

5. Puppy Kindergarten: Speaking of, it was canceled today. To celebrate we all slept in until 10. (Even Hux…it was a skip-day miracle!)

Coming up this week…

*Pinterest party products…glorious!

*October decor…bumping it up a notch

*Huxley’s “Night at the Spa,” and an update on his most recent destruction of our home

*Banana for a Budget…Dave Ramsey shout-out

*Opposites Attract…Date Night

+ whatever else strikes my fancy…

I hope you have a fantastic weekend…don’t you just LOVE this weather?!


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