Pinterest Party!

Oh yes. You heard me. P-i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t P-a-r-t-y.

Try not to burn with jealousy.

This all started back when our home-group bible study was getting together. One of the other lovely ladies and myself recruited two new lovely ladies that night and convinced them to sign up IMMEDIATELY. They were desperate to start pinning, and once they started there was no stopping them.

The next time we all got together the four of us combined our powers of peer pressure and signed up two more friends. Bahahaha! (Yes. That was indeed my evil laugh.)

Since then we’ve gotten our other main chica on board. It was inevitable.

Now even our husband’s know all the slang from listening to us talk about it every time we get together. We love it. They hate it.

But we’re not going to stop.


One of these sweet girls decided that we need to put our Pinterest addiction into action, so she offered to open up her home and craft room to us…and the idea for our Pinterest Party was born! Each girl is going to bring the supplies she needs to make some of the crafts she has “pinned,” as well as a recipe from Pinterest for everyone to try. Isn’t that a fun idea?!

(Oh, and don’t worry about our husbands. They are going to balance out our girly party with a manly evening of guns & shooting. Actually, on second thought, maybe you should worry about our husbands.)

Of course you’ll get a post next week letting you in on all the *wonderfully*cute* & *fabulous* things we end up making, but for today I thought I’d leave you with my game-plan / inspiration pieces. I’m taking more things with me than I’ll probably ever get done, but once I got started I couldn’t stop. (Hum…sounds familiar…kind of like when I log onto pinterest itself.)


1. Recovering my foot stool: not from Pinterest, but needs to be done nonetheless…bring on the staple gun and hot glue!

2. Headband holder: I’ve got a thing for headbands…this will be perfect and easy to make!


3. Countdown sign: Isn’t this just fun?! Our host has a “cricket” (is that how it’s spelled) that I can use to make the “days until” letters. I’m pretty excited about this one!


4. Laundry room art: There were so many great ideas for wall art on Pinterest, but my walls are pretty set right now. My only option was to turn my decorating eye to the laundry room…and this sign captures my sentiments exactly!


6. Glass etched cookie jar: One of the other girls is bringing the supplies for this and offered to let us try as well, so I found an inexpensive glass cookie jar that I’m going to etch. Hopefully it’ll work out!


7. Moustache mug & mirror: Yes, I know I’ll probably get weird looks from the other girls for bringing moustache crafts. But they make me laugh, and that’s what it’s all about. They’ll make you laugh too, you just wait!


8. Googley eye picture frame: The elementary teacher in me went crazy for this one…won’t it be so adorable as a Halloween decoration?


9. Avocado Chicken Salad: This is what I’m taking for dinner…looks so yummy right?! (By the way, that’s not a pic of the ones I made. It’s a pic of what the ones I made should have actually looked like.)


10. White Pumpkin Hot Chocolate: For dessert! 🙂


This is shaping up to be a pin-tastic evening!


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3 thoughts on “Pinterest Party!

  1. Oh my goodness, girl….. You got it bad! But I like it! You have managed to get this old lady interested in pinterest too. *Sigh* I take hours just looking at pictures and wondering why I’m not in my sewing room being productive with all those ideas! Thanks H.!

  2. Re'Genna Gamblin

    I enjoy my pinterest time too, and am totally guilt free…it is a lovely, passive hobby that clears my mind. Very restful indeed! Can’t wait to see your projectsd!

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