On the seventh day…

We really do try to treat Sunday’s as a day of rest in our home, and now that fall is here I’m looking forward to napping with the windows open and the breeze blowing in. To early morning church service and Sunday School with friends. To grilling and eating dinner out on the back porch. To walking the dog while holding my husband’s hand. To calling it a night early and snuggling in under the covers for warmth.


As for every other day of the week…life is really starting to pick up it’s pace, and the holiday season will be upon us soon (October is always a crazy busy month, and it’s like time hits FFx4 once Nov.1 rolls around). I mean, surely you guys have seen how most stores have Halloween on one aisle, fall on the next, and Christmas on the following…it’s madness, MADNESS I say!

So, in an attempt to maintain the sanctuary that Sundays provide, I’ve made the executive decision to not post new blog content on Sundays anymore. I don’t tell you this because I think you sit by your computers waiting for my next post (*if you do, please shoot me an e-mail…we need to find you some real life friends!), I only say it because I feel like we’re all in this blog thing together and I’ve gotten in the habit of telling you most everything anyway. 😉

We’ll have plenty to talk about during the week, and of course there will be the ever-random “Scattered Saturday” post…lots of good things to come!

Oh yes, and in the name of telling you guys most everything, the husband and I have some potentially heavy stuff going on right now. He received an e-mail this past week from his company…one of those e-mails that uses lots of big words to give very little information at all.

What it all came down to was this *yucky*horrid*threatening* word – REDUCTIONS.

<Back Story: I am a public school teacher. I went through this with my district last spring. Our reductions were to the tune of over 10% of our staff. Since it was my first year in the district, I was in a very vulnerable position. *Praise Jesus* I didn’t lose my job, but Chris and I had quite the journey to get to a place of peace and trust that God would provide.>

And so, here we are again. There is literally no other news to report beyond that single solitary e-mail, so we aren’t about to go all “Chicken Little” on ya. The sky is not falling. Our world is not ending. This time around we have been able to stay much more calm, put the brakes on all the “what-ifs,” and have reclaimed the place of peace Christ had brought us to last spring.

All that to say, we would covet your prayers. Right now we are praying for quick information / slow response time (i.e. – if he is going to be let go, we’d love to have some advance warning as opposed to “here’s a box, take your things with you when you leave) and also for doors to open in regards to new job opportunities. There has already been some activity on that front, so we are feeling encouraged and sensing God’s movement even now…I know He’s got this.

Thanks for reading, thanks for your friendship, thanks for your prayers…now go take an afternoon nap! 🙂


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