Answered Prayer Jar

Today’s inspiration:

Pretty cute, yeah?! Don’t ask me where I got it, because I honestly have no idea…but I’m sure if you really want one you could either make it or find one on e-bay. 🙂 When we moved in to our little “newlywed nest” it went perfectly with the decor in the bathroom, and I’ve always thought of it as just such…decor.

I’ve had a couple of people (including my sweet Momma) admit that they’ve taken a peek into it to see if I actually kept answered prayers inside. Sadly, the answer has always been no.

But that’s all going to change today.

Today I’m going to speak of my God, of the prayers He has answered in my life, of the blessings He has given.

Today I’m going to write them down, fold them neatly, and store them in that little jar.

And today I’m going to pray that somewhere down the road, some friend who takes a “peek” will find encouragement and the reminder that my God lives.

Don’t worry blog friends. I know many of you won’t ever have the chance / need to use my guest bathroom. So today you can take a peek of your own through these pictures. Be blessed.

What prayers has God answered for you lately? I’d love to praise Him together…leave a comment giving Him glory!


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2 thoughts on “Answered Prayer Jar

  1. There are so many prayers answered in my life, but I guess recently I would have to say that He’s giving me peace through this trial of Dan’s job. Maybe that’s a blog I need to post! And, as I try to encourage Chris about relying on the Lord through this trial, I’ve found that I’m the one being encouraged! Hum…. maybe I DO need to blog about this! Love ya!

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