In case I hadn’t mentioned it before, corgis are a very smart breed of dogs. And my little Huxley is no exception.

As a matter of fact, he’s generally too smart for his own good. Let me brag on my boy for a few…

*One morning I took him out, but he wasn’t quite ready to take care of his business yet, if you know what I mean. I brought him on inside and went to take a shower while he had a few minutes of “free time” to run around unsupervised. When I got out he was sitting on the rug waiting for me, and he immediately made eye contact / barked once, then turned around and trotted out of the bathroom. Since he kept looking back to see if I was following, I decided it might be a good idea to see what he was up to. He led me directly to a *ahem* pile of poo in the living room floor, looked down at it then up at me, and barked once again. The little smartie-pants knew that he shouldn’t go in the house, and he wanted to let me know that he’d had an accident. So smart!

*We were invited over to my friend K’s house for dinner / a computer repair party, and she insisted that Huxley tag along. (She’s such a great hostess…she even pulled out a ball for him to play with.) Anyway, she and I were standing in the kitchen cooking and talking while Chris worked on her computer in the spare bedroom. Huxley was getting kind of restless, so she said “Hux, go find your daddy!” <Yes. We refer to ourselves as mommy and daddy. It wasn’t the initial plan, but we don’t know what else to call ourselves.> His big ears perked right up and he took off to find Chris. We laughed and I predicted that he’d be back soon because Chris would say “Hux, go find your mommy!” Sure enough, here he came trotting back. We all thought it was pretty impressive that he could navigate around a new house and knew exactly who daddy was and who mommy was. It warms a mother’s heart! 😉

*He’s able to communicate very effectively with looks and barks. When I take him outside and he gets wrapped around something, he’s very good to bark once then look back at where he’s tangled up and then at me. It’s when he starts just barking like crazy that I wish I knew what he was trying to say!

*Just recently he’s started recognizing that when I turn the lights off in a room it’s time to leave. I know it’s simple association, but I’m still feeling impressed that he caught on to that all on his own. It’s also great for me because it encourages me to be energy-efficient and turn off the lights.

*Aside from being a little smartie, sometimes he’s just so darn cute. Although he was formerly afraid of the blow dryer, he loves it now…as a matter of fact, it’s our morning snuggle time. He sits on my lap while I blow dry my hair, and his treat is that he gets a full body blow-out (on the cool setting) for a minute or so. Don’t tell my husband. He already thinks I overly spoil Huxley.

*When he gets really worked up or hyper, he loves to run circles around the house. What’s fun to do is sit in the floor while he’s doing it and stick out your legs as an obstacle. He’ll jump over your legs, run behind the couch, dip down under the stool…seriously, he loves a good obstacle course. Anyone want to sponsor him and pay for a course we can set up in the backyard?!

*When I take my Sunday afternoon nap he’s started napping with me on the couch….he’ll just curl up by my feet and sleep until I’m ready to get up. Something about it just relaxes me…I love having a little puppy to love!

Besides being so darn smart, he’s also so darn adorable.

Don’t ya think?!


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