State of the Cupboard Address

Operation Cupboard Clean-Out Results

I’ll begin by saying that I’m glad we did this. It feels good to clean out the cupboard, kind of get a fresh start for the fall. Since my brother is coming to live with us soon and is on a low-sodium diet (hereditary high blood pressure…kind of the pits for an otherwise healthy 22 year old),
this will allow me to buy and fix food that will be good for all of us. Chris and I also tried to make enough each night for two meals…that night and lunch the next day…so that proved to be a good way to use our food in a more timely manner and kept us from spending money to buy lunch each day. I think that’s definitely something we’ll try to keep going.

On the other hand, we did have to eat a few things that we didn’t necessarily feel like eating. <I feel so selfish saying that. A kid in Africa probably just experienced hunger pains because I said that we “ate food we didn’t feel like eating.” We have it so rough right?!>

Here’s what the cupboards and refrigerator looked like AFTER our clean-out operation.

Not totally empty, as you can see…but as close to a clean slate as we’re going to get. Maybe I’ll have to do this again once fall and winter
are over…I kind of liked the challenge.

Operation Restock Cupboard Results

As you can imagine, since we cleaned everything out…we need to go restock! Typically what I do is make a list of meal options (enough to last us about 2 weeks, lunch and dinner) and figure out what ingrediants we need from there. This time I’m really excited because cooler weather means…crock-pot time! I have this taco soup recipe that I’m just itching to  make…I’ll make sure to share it with you guys when I do.

Here’s a pic of our completed grocery list and meal option list…kind of fuzzy and hard to read…but just take my word for it.

Once the list was made, it was time to grab a grocery cart and go. I convinced the husband that such a big shopping trip was worthy of a Super Target…because, let’s be honest, if I had to spend that much time in the MW Wal-Mart I might lose it.

We made it about halfway through the food section before we had to go get a second cart. Ouch. (I was proud of myself because I didn’t pick up any extras….I totally stuck to the list. Go me!)

Of course, in true blogger style, I had to take a picture of our two big ol’ baskets.

Before we went to check out we had to make a pit-stop at Starbucks…there was no way I was swiping my debit card for that bill without some coffee in my system. Here’s my handsome husband delivering my salted caramel mocha.

Turns out I should have gone with the venti over the tall. This next pic will explain why.

Ouch again. That’s quite a receipt.

I’m not totally sure, but I don’t feel like this looks like $400 worth of groceries.

That better last us for quite. a. while.


I really should take on extreme couponing. Those people would have paid like $20 for all those groceries.

Grocery shopping can be such a (beeeeeeeeeeeep).

What? I was gonna say bummer. Not sure why I got censored for that.

<Keepin’ it G!>


P.S. – Happy Monday! I’ll leave you with this thought to start the week…

Haha…love it!

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6 thoughts on “State of the Cupboard Address

  1. Dan and I did the shopping thing two weeks ago and spent almost $500. Turned out that we didn’t need to get hardly anything this payday. But still spent $150. Mostly on non-food items, i.e., cleaners, hairspray… etc. Fortunately, we budgeted for it! I’m digging this Dave Ramsey plan. We’ve paid cash for EVERYTHING! I can’t wait to be debt-free! Hugs and Love ya!

  2. Re'Genna Gamblin

    The meat/food money we give you will should make the next grocery bill less stressful. Caleb is bringing his cookbook with him, make him use it!

    • Oh no worries, I already told him he would be doing some cooking. I decided this will be his “half-way” house…a transitional place before he’s a total grown-up. 🙂

  3. Kathleen

    If you have any crockpot recipes to share, please do!!!!!


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