Autumn makes my heart *SING*

Now that our 71-days-of-over-100-degrees summer is officially over, I’ve decided to unleash the gloriousness that is autumn. Love it, love it, love it!

Today will be mostly wordless…*shock* I know. Just wanted to share some of the fall fun I’ve been spreading around the house today. Enjoy! (And I’ll just say sorry in advance for the fuzzy iPad pictures…I need to give up the dream and dig my real camera out.)

That’s my homemade table runner from the mother-in-law…it has pumpkins on it and a lovely pattern on the other side that I’m planning on using for Thanksgiving. I also moved Pappy’s shelf into the dining room and added a vintage popcorn bowl (with fruit) and a few other antiquey beauties.

 I’m feeling bummed about these pics, but too lazy to find my camera, take new pics, download to my computer, save on a zip drive, re-open on a computer with internet, save and load. I need my technology to communicate a little better.

Anyway, I shuffled things around a bit, added a fall wreath, stacked a pumpkin, and used this pinterest beauty to add a lovely fall sillouhette.

You can get it here.

Love the leaf placemat and the twinkle of light that the pumpkin adds…

Another pinterest jewel that you can get here…”Sorry about the mess, but we LIVE here!”

This is my favorite fall piece of decor…a “Fall Bucket List.” So fun right?! I even picked up a brown dry-erase marker so that we can check off all the fun fall things we do. I couldn’t help but post the whole thing up here for you to see. If you love it, print it for yourself!


There it is on the buffet near the television. On the other side is a gold vase w/coffee beans in the bottom to serve as our remote control holder. I used coffee beans in several places around the room and it smells so good!

I love changing out what’s inside my glass jars to match the season…easy decor! This time I went with the wicker balls, little corn husks, and fall leaves.

And to complete the atmosphere, I changed out our Febreze airfilters to a nice autumn scent. Smells delicious in here!

So that’s the start to fall in our home…my favorite season! In a couple of weeks I’ll dig out the Halloween tubs and bump it up another notch by adding in some glitter and purple and cute witches. (And then when Thanksgiving is near I’ll pull out the pilgrims and such…the madness never ends!) I promise I’ll take better pics when the Halloween digs make their appearance. For now you can just trust me that it is home-y and glorious!


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2 thoughts on “Autumn makes my heart *SING*

  1. Re'Genna Gamblin

    Wonderful!!!! I need to come visit!!!


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