Scattered Saturday…This & That

Happy Saturday (night that is…). I’ve just got a few tidbits to share with ya today…lots of updates coming up this week about “Operation Cupboard Clean Out,” date night with the husband, and puppy kindergarten. Click on the links to see the previous post on each of those. 🙂

Today was one of those “didn’t stop once I got goin” kind of days…so let’s get on with it before the day is over!

1. Vitamins vs. Kindergarten Germs

So for about a week now I’ve been battling sinus gunk and junk…blah. There are a lot of factors that could have contributed to my feeling yucky…really high allergen counts, weather swinging back and forth, started to feel a little worn-down from school, yada yada yada. When I get sick, there’s really only one place I really like to point my finger. AT THE KINDERGARTENERS. Those people are disgusting. They lick everything. Then they touch everything. Then they lick me.

Haha…just kidding. Had to make sure you were still with me.

But seriously, they do touch me a lot. And I am down on their level a lot, holding their hands to help them guide the pencil, giving them hugs just because or when they cry. It’s no wonder there slimy germs get all over me.

You know how Christians are supposed to “hate the sin, love the sinner?” That’s kind of how I feel about this topic. “Hate their germs, love the kids.”

But it’s a job hazard, so I decided to be proactive. Well semi-proactive. I was already feeling bad when I started this, so I guess technically I was more on the defense. All a technicality.

What is this?


I know, I know. Why wasn’t I taking these before? Hopefully they’ll help me make it through the fall without contracting any more sinus infections and such.

But as for the one I have…it required a little more than some vitamin C. 2 shots and 3 prescriptions more in fact. And an afternoon off of school spent sleeping (while Huxley barked because he saw me sneak into the house and couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t come out to play). And a canceled girls night out. Major bummer.

I’ll wrap up this thought with this pinterest jewel of wisdom…


2. Green Eggs

This past week was “G” week at school…one of my favorite things about kindergarten is definitely the “themey-ness.” (This year the schedule is seriously cramping my themey style. It’s wearing me down.)


To celebrate “G” week I cooked up a special plan for Friday’s snack. First we read the infamous “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Suess. Great book…so fun to read.

Last year I wanted to make my kids a “green eggs” snack…but it didn’t turn out so hot. I literally cracked an egg into a cup (one per student), added a couple of drops of green food coloring, and microwaved it. So disgusting. One of my room-moms came in while I was in the middle of it and kept peeking around trying to see what in the world I was doing to make the room smell so gross, but I pretty managed to block her from figured out what the source was before shooing her out the door. Needless to say my kids weren’t exactly saying “I DO love them Sam-I-Am!”

This year I found the perfect solution to my green egg dilemma…on none other than Pinterest!

Check it out…I definitely recommend this to anyone with small children. So fun!

The kids were very nervous about trying green eggs, but in the end they loved them! (I forgot to take sprinkles, but you can take them to use as your “salt and pepper.”

Gotta give credit where it’s due…here’s the pinterest pic and source link.


3. Huxley is growing up!

We had to buy Huxley a new big boy collar. *tear*

(His new one is on the left…it has lots of room to grow, whereas the old one was as big as it could get.)

Chris asked if I was going to scrapbook the old one.

The answer is…probably.

4. Happy Birthday, Happy Graduation, & Merry Christmas to my Husby

Part of the reason that I’m so late in posting today is my dear, sweet husband. As of late he has taken an interest in guns and shooting as a sport (as opposed to shooting as a form of hunting I guess). THE PLAN was to get him a shotgun in December to cover all the major holidays / events happening in his life…12/2 birthday, 12/17 college graduation, 12/25 Christmas.

Instead we ended up getting him one today. Although it probably sounds rather sudden, his choice was actually well researched, and we did take some time to think about it beforehand, so it wasn’t an impulse buy. Probably the only reason he ended up getting it now is because my little bro is about to be moving in, and he’s certified to teach hunter safety. I think it will be a great opportunity for them to hang out and for Chris to have someone to teach him the ropes. (So in other words….this is all your fault Caleb!)

I remember when he used to look at me that way…*sigh*

Rest assured everyone. My yankee-husband will continue his online safety research, will follow all directions of my brotha, and will be looking into gun safety classes at the local range. I have total faith in him.

And he has promised me that when December rolls around he won’t be sad when everyone is opening presents except for him. 😛

5. National Day of Encouragement

A dear, sweet friend of mine (who could probably write a book on having good manners) hosted Keno a couple of weeks ago. Before we left she had everyone take two blank greeting cards because the “National Day of Encouragement” was coming up. The idea was for us to fill out the cards and send them to a friend or family member who might need a smile. Weren’t they cute cards?

I decided to send mine to my father-in-law and my great aunt N. I owed my father-in-law a card…I’m embarassed to say we didn’t get him one in the mail in time for his birthday. 😛 (For a card lover like myself, that is highly unusual and distressing.) For the second card I chose my Aunt Nelda because out of all of my Pappy’s siblings, I’m the closest to her. Since I couldn’t send my Pappy a card, I felt that Aunt N would be the perfect recipient…and I felt like she could probably use a little encouragement. The last time I saw her I thought she looked a little down…it’s hard to lose someone you love.

In case you can’t read the outside of the card, it says “Sometimes I struggle to find the perfect words…” and here’s a pic of the inside:

And, dear blog readers, I think that YOU are special. I hope you are encouraged when you read my posts each day….if nothing else some of them probably make you feel thankful that you aren’t me! 😛 So today, I’d like to extend the same challenge to you. Pay it forward type of thing. What will YOU do to encourage at least 2 people this next week?


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