My Namesake…

I actually do have a namesake. My sweet cousin C shares my middle name. Which is Re’ne, if you’re wondering.

But with the big hurricane season in full-blow, I’ve decided that maybe it would be fun to have a plethora of other things named after me. I thought it would be best to see what options are out there…and hey, maybe one of my reader’s is about to have a baby girl. If so, boy do I have a great name for you!

*Hurricane: Okay, so here’s the deal with hurricane names as I understand it. Male/female names alternate, names are chosen in alphabetical order with q,u,x,y, and z not being used. There are six lists of names that are alternated every six years, but if a particularly bad hurricane hits (aka – Katrina) then that name is retired and a new one is submitted in its place. Currently Heather is not on any of the six lists, or on the replacement list. Major bummer. Looks like I need to send a persuasive letter to the “World Meteorological Organization”, complete with examples of how I can be hurricane like, and see if I can get that changed.

Want to see if your name is on the list? Check out


*Star: I actually had a friend who had a star named after her once. I usually use this as my lie in the game “3 truths and a lie”…but alas, no stars are named after me. According to the International Star Registry (which swears up and down that it isn’t a scam, although I don’t see what stops them from giving one star like a gazillion names) you can pay anywhere from $54 to $489 and receive not only a star that bears your name, but also a certificate (either framed or unframed). Isn’t this kind of a rip off though, because the actual stars are already dead right? We are just still able to see their light because it takes so long for it to reach us…hum. That kind of changes things for me. I don’t want a dead star named after me. I’d prefer a planet or moon. Or the sun. Then the earth really would revolve around me! 😉





*New Living Species: For this to work I’m going to have to actually get out in nature and start trying to find some undiscovered stuff. Can’t be that easy of a task, especially since I don’t like getting out in nature and trying to find undiscovered stuff. I hear that there are a lot of undiscovered species of fish down in the deepest depths of the ocean where there isn’t even any light…but have you seen pics of some of the ones that have been discovered?!


No thank you. I’d rather not share my name with that thing.

*Color: Well this isn’t my namesake…I guess I’m technically named after the color. (Well not really named after the color, but the color came first. That’s what I’m really trying to say here.) And if I were to name a color after me, it wouldn’t be gray. How blah.

*Flower: There is actually already a flower named Heather as well. It’s a nice purple color, and as far as flowers go it’s pretty nice.

“Heather plants are quite popular as either ornamental bushes or ground cover, due to their low maintenance, ability to thrive in marginal soil,and year-round displays of color. Unfortunately, it does poorly in the hot summers in much of the United States.” <source>

Yep. That sounds a lot like me…or a lot like I’d like to be! 😉 I’m pretty popular with the Kindergarteners, more low maintenance than most girls, able to thrive in most environments, and I LOVE year-round displays of color. And yes, as this summer proved, I do poorly in the heat.


Well it looks like I’m no closer to having a namesake than I was before.

This is probably a good thing, because I am beginning to feel a little ego-tistical even writing about it. Imagine what would happen to my head if something actually was named after me! 😛


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