Operation Cupboard Clean-Out

The husband and I are working really hard to pay off our credit cards before the end of the year…but in typical “that’s life for ya” fashion, things keep coming up. Some of these things are of our own doing (does the name Huxley ring a bell?!), but some (like an accounting error at the school where we owe over 1G before Chris graduates in Dec) aren’t exactly our fault. Either way, we’re really focusing a lot of our cash flow towards the big bills.

As a teacher, I get paid once a month. My non-teacher husband gets paid twice a month, which is every two weeks. So one of paydays is a big one, since we both receive a paycheck. The other one is a small one, since only Chris receives a check. Got that all worked out in your mind?

Okay. So the smaller paycheck doesn’t go far, because that’s when rent and a few other small bills come due. Typically we have to really watch our spending during those two weeks, or we enter the danger zone of needing to put purchases on the credit card. (Credit cards are a nasty, nasty cycle.)

Since we had an unexpected expense or two come up during our most recent “little payday,” I decided to get a little creative with our groceries. Beyond buying necessities, which basically meant milk, and a few fresh food items, like fruits and veggies, I decided that it was time to eat what we had. You know, you’ve got them too. Those food items that you’ve bought, but that you keep pushing around the cupboards for one reason or another.

So I rallied the husband and told him the plan. I can’t say he was happy with it, but he’s a trooper…so he jumped limped on board. I’ll share the plan with you…


9.11.11 – Day 1

Mission: To finish off the random assortment of food items in our cupboards/fridge

Timeframe: One week (actually it will have been two, but the plan was initially enacted with one week until the big payday)

Status: Everything is already looking pretty bare, but we have plenty to keep us alive for one more week.


The Cupboard

 (normally I call it the pantry…for some odd reason I decided to go with cupboard when I initiated this operation…strange)

Top shelf: 2 breakfasty things (maybe I’ll make them and take them to school) / 2 desserty things / 2 boxes of crackers / an expired bag of chips / a couple of bags of mexican rice

Second shelf: granola cereal / potatoes in a box / pancake mix / random assortment of noodles and taco shells

Third shelf: canned goods…not a great selection / one can of tomato sauce, a LOT of cans of other tomato products…not sure what I was thinking there / tea & sugar

Bottom shelf: flour / a couple of bags of chips that I’m taking to school as a snack

The Fridge / Freezer


 Freezer: a variety of half-eaten Schwan’s products…chicken, porkchops, sausage, corndogs & half-eaten sides

Fridge: fresh fruit (which needs to be eaten before it expires!) / one can of dog food (even Hux is going to be stretching it out) / lots of bottles of condiments and such (who’s expiration dates probably need to be checked)

The Plan

Sorry it’s not cute.  It was either cutesy it up or take a nap. Nap always beats cute.


9.12.11 – Day Two

Mission: To clean out expired food items (mostly from the fridge) before trash day tomorrow

Documentation: Well…I intended to take pics of everything, but when I saw it all together I was too embarassed to plaster it on the blog. Yikes.

Status: Fridge is fresh, ate a tasty dinner & lunch is ready for tomorrow, and we are officially out of italian-style food items


So that’s where we’re at…stay tuned for an update this weekend on the conclusion of Operation Cupboard Clean-Out!


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