What’s that you say?

Oh Pinterest. The way you make me feel like I’ve accomplished something creative when in fact I’ve been sitting in front of the computer for hours is an tricky thing. It’s good that I actually do use a lot of the school ideas I get for school on a regular basis, because it makes the other hours spent browsing things I’ll only dream about making seem less wasteful.

So today, for your viewing pleasure, I want to share some of the prints I’ve “pinned” because, in one way or another, they’ll let you know a little bit more about me. Here we go!


Oh yes. I am one of those girls who truly, honestly believes I’m a princess. (Although I’d like to think that I don’t act spoiled like one!) Every year for Halloween, almost without exception, I was a princess. I collected crowns for a while, I was prom queen my sr. year, and I was “Miss Brown County Youth Fair Association” my jr. year. That title was by far the hardest to earn, and the crown was the most interesting…it slid onto a cowboy hat!


This is me people! Love me some flip-flops, always looking for a way to insert some fancy into life, and I’ve def got a set of fabulous friends.


This one just really struck me, because it is so important both as a wife and a teacher. As a wife I’ve had to learn, and occasionally work at, not holding onto things that have upset me…I can’t let yesterday’s feelings change the way I treat my husband today. Love is not always about feelings, it’s a choice! (Not exactly romantic, but it’s true!) As a teacher, I have to let go of whatever went on the previous day and start each day fresh. The kids need it from me, and I need it from them!


I never would have understood this before Huxley came along, but he really does make things better. I want to go squeeze him right now!


I really, really want to have this sign made and hang it in my kitchen. Isn’t that just a beautiful sentiment to offer the friends and family who come into your home? I want people to feel welcome in our home, comfortable in our home, and wanted in our home. Love it!

Hilarious and cute


 I must, must, must make this sign when I have kids…how adorable is that?!



I could definitely use this reminder from time to time, but if God so chooses to bless us with a little girl one day, I’ll definitely try to embed this in her heart!

Unfortunately...yes, you should...


Oh this just couldn’t be more true. I hate, hate, hate running. I was good at it once upon a time, but things went downhill from there. (So far downhill that in my sr. year of high school I came in dead last in every race I ran!)

Love this


Another great life mantra! It’s already got the laugh, live, love…which is basically my thing…and the rest are just good, solid truths to live by!


Not much more needs to be said on this one. I want to have it made into a t-shirt!

If you haven’t jumped on the pinterest bandwagon yet…then you really should! There’s something on there for everyone…if you need help getting started just shoot me an e-mail at keepcalmandloveon@hotmail.com and I’ll help get ya going!


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One thought on “What’s that you say?

  1. Re'Genna Gamblin

    Oh my…so I have to actually DO the cool things I pin from Pinterest to actually make the time spent there worth while? Huuummmm…on that note I’m off to a fall church craft fair in Brownwood/followed by lunch with one of my besties…I’ll show you something “crafty” I accomplised ($) later today 😉


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