I’m a poet, don’t cha know it!

Hello long lost friends! Bet you thought I’d forgotten about you, seeing as how Tuesday is almost over and all. I didn’t forget, just ran out of time to accomplish everything I wanted over the long weekend/this evening.

In case you are wondering, my Labor Day holiday was absolutely….SUPER! We went down for a great visit with my fam, saw the husband shoot a shotgun for the first time (we’re converting him to the redneck side!), then came back for a relaxing Labor Day spent outside in the beautiful weather with friends.

It was so wonderful, in fact, that it inspired me to write this cinquain poem for you.


Labor Day

Sit, Laugh, Eat

Cool, Relaxing, Refreshing, Joyful


And then I the poet in me just took hold and I wrote this one…

Labor Day looked like a day of rest.

Labor Day smelled like burgers on the grill.

Labor Day felt like the perfect combination of sun and cool air.

Labor Day tasted like homemade ice cream.

Labor Day sounded like laughter.

This next one was a little trickier…the “diamante.” Don’t ask me to explain it…just google it if you decide to try one yourself. 🙂


Calm, Cool

Relaxing, Reading, Enjoying

Home, Porch, Friends, Patio

Laughing, Visiting, Eating

Sunny, Yummy


 Don’t you love the diamond shape?

To fill in the rest of the blanks, this is why my day just radiated goodness…

– Morning: Wrapped in a blanket on the porch, coffee, good book, sweet puppy

– Mid-Day: Lunch with friends, sat on the patio talking & laughing for hours, stuffed with burgers, yummy dip, and homemade ice cream

– Afternoon: Nap, walk with the dog, little bit of school work

– Evening: Catch up with the fam, husband time, puppy playtime, in bed by 9:45

Sounds like a practically perfect day to me!

I hope your holiday and subsequent Tuesday was equally lovely…and if you agree that the school/work week should be 4 days on, 3 days off…then vote for me for President! 😉

Sweet dreams bloggies!


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