Praying for Pigs to Fly

Hola muchachos y muchachas! 🙂

I’m sorry to tell you this, but I’ve decided to go on blogging strike until this heat spell breaks and cooler temperatures return.

I have certain demands that absolutely, without fail, must be met.

– I demand the right to take my dog for a walk at 6:00 a.m. and NOT BREAK INTO A SWEAT. (The sun isn’t even up yet…that’s how wrong this whole situation is.)

– I demand the right to wear make-up and not have to worry about it MELTING OFF OF MY FACE. (And I’m not even  going to talk about how my dormant acne has decided to resurface as a result of the sweltering heat.)

– I demand the right to take my Kindergarteners outside so that they can run off some of that stored up and energy and so that I don’t LOSE MY EVER LOVING MIND!

– I demand the right to underwear that will not stick to my tushy, deoderant that is able to do its job, and shoes that are not so smelly because of  hot feet. (Wow. If I look/smell anywhere nearly as disgusting as I feel then you should be glad you only meet with me on the internet everyday.

– I demand the right to start grilling outside again. Having to cook inside is really cramping my style…normally if we grill Chris  handles it. 😛

– I demand the right to get into my car and not receive SECOND DEGREE BURNS from touching the steering wheel.

I’m not asking for much here, just for the temp to drop below 100 degrees. (Isn’t it weird that when it gets down to 90, which is still pretty hot, it won’t feel hot because it will be 20 degrees cooler than most of the days we’ve had in the last 3 months?!) I hate to take such a strong stance against the weather here, but something has got to give.

Luckily for you guys I shouldn’t be gone from blogging long…all the weathermen say that this next week is supposed to be a magical time of upper 80’s, lower 90’s.

Was that a pig that just flew by?

No, but really, I’ve decided to take a few days off from the blog business to enjoy some time with my family and some friends over this long Labor Day weekend. I’m going to take this time to come up with some rockin’ posts for you guys (my brother thinks ya’ll are lucky…apparently I’m much funnier in writing than I actually am in person…) and I’ll be back and ready to start the countdown to my 100th post by Tuesday.

Try not to miss me too much, and try to stay cool…hopefully we can celebrate the arrival of fall together next week!


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One thought on “Praying for Pigs to Fly

  1. I know you’re having a great time with your folks and won’t be on here, but I just wanted to “answer” some of the issues you are having:

    1. You should live in Arizona. At 5:00am in the morning it’s 100, and everyday it’s been in the upwards of 116 degrees. We are having a cool morning this morning. It’s only 81 degrees at 8:14 am. I think I’ll need my sweater this morning!

    2. You are beautiful without makeup!!! I mean it, REALLY! (Now, I know that’s not an option, but just wanted you to know that you could go without!)

    3. There’s not any suggestion I have to taking the kinder’s outside. Sorry 😦

    4. You know how I’m doing in the underwear issue!

    5. We grill outside in 116 degrees. Are you not grilling due to a burn ban? If so, that’s makes sense.

    6. The car thing ………… we put a towel over the steering wheel which helps a little. BUT, I saw at Bed, Bath, and Beyond this COOLING TOWEL. It’s used to put around your neck, however, I’m sure you could put it on the steering wheel too! It really is cool!

    7. I agree with being under 100! I am SO over this hot weather here! However, it’s such the norm here that when it gets to 90 we all say, “Oh my gosh, I need to pull out the sweaters!” It’s that much of a difference. With that said, I would truly much rather pull out the sweaters!

    I know this doesn’t help much! But, I just thought I would put in my 2 cents! We still friends?? 🙂 Love ya, much!


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