Am I raising a dog…or a shark?!

Oh the things I’m learning as a new puppy mommy. (And yes. I am his mommy. He lets me cradle him in my arms, hold him up on my shoulder, and is just beside himself everyday when I get home from work. He likes to snuggle with me and lick me. I feed him, bath him, and brush his teeth and hair. I worry about him, dote over him, and try to teach him to be a good boy. That’s a mommy if I’ve ever heard of one.)

Of course you guys have seen the carnage that’s been left in the wake of his sharp little puppy teeth. Floor tiles, wicker baskets, electrical cords, boxes, newspapers, rugs…his teeth know no bounds.

I expected that one day he would start losing his baby teeth (I’m not that much of an ignoramus, thank you very much…), and I knew that he would get adult teeth. That just makes sense.

What I was not expecting, however, was that he would go from around 25 baby teeth to what will end up being over 40 adult teeth.

Did you hear me?

OVER 40!

Puppy Teeth 

Adult Teeth 

I mean, wow!

Chris was the first to notice that Huxley now had two big ol’ front teeth, and when he could get his breath from laughing so hard over how dorky Hux looked he pointed it out to me. (How rude right?!)

I don’t think he looks dorky…I’m more in shock about how quickly his mouth has just exploded with teeth than anything. It was literally like we woke up one day and he had this crazy mouthful of teeth! I did a little research and found that most adult teeth “erupt” (that’s actually the word that the website used…it’s pretty darn appropriate) between months 3-7, with most of the action happening in month 4.

Glad to know my baby is right there in the normal range/percentile for his teeth growth. (Oh yeah. I’m one of those “moms”.)

The downside to all these teeth, besides the fact that his chewing has kicked into overdrive, is that his appetite is come and go AND he’s been more than a little irritable lately.

The appetite I can deal with…my philosophy is that he’ll eat when he’s ready.

The drama in our house is coming from his new pms-y attitude. (And I can say that because I’m a woman.) He wants what he wants when he wants it, and if he doesn’t get it when he wants it then he barks. And yips. And jumps around in front of you trying to get your attention. Puppy kindergarten can not get here fast enough.

I wanted to take a picture of his new teeth to post for you guys, but I’m just not talented enough to hold the camera and take a decent picture, all while holding him, holding his mouth open, and keep my hand/arm from being chomped off in the process. I just don’t get paid enough for that. (What am I saying? I don’t get paid anything for this. In fact, I should probably be paying you guys for reading my blog everyday!)

So that’s where we’re at. I’m dealing with a puppy who has almost doubled the number of teeth in his mouth (who has no idea how to use them by the way and keeps accidently biting me…OUCH!),  who can now jump on the couch (making it much harder to keep things away from his teeth), and a husband who is less than happy about these new developments. What’s a girl to do?!


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