My Husband Rocks!

In case you haven’t caught on, I’m pretty much totally in love with/obsessed with Pinterest.


That love/obsession in no way compares to how in love I am with my sweet husband.

So today, I will honor my man with sweet words from Pinterest.

Try not to throw up in your mouth.


This becomes more and more true for me everyday. Leave & cleave wasn’t exactly the easiest thing for me, but I’m getting there!


Keepin’ it G as always…no awkward “lover” talk for you guys. 😛 BUT, I can say that being silly together is one of the best, strongest parts of our relationships, and it has gotten us through many a situation.

(I do have to throw one lover reference in there. Anyone from my wedding remember Dheryl talking about “lovers” and “being nekkid before the Lord?! I thought my Dad was going to DIE!)


I once received the advice to hold hands when you are arguing with your husby, because it’s hard to stay angry or get ugly when you are holding hands. It’s something I want to try for sure…but lately most of our disagreements have been over the phone on nights Chris is at school. 😛 Hopefully once he’s not away so much we won’t spend our together time arguing anyway!


He makes my life sweet. And I love cupcakes. So this one is actually pretty perfect for me!


This one makes me laugh from an elementary teacher point of view. But, it also makes me laugh/moan because this past year (my first year of exposure to the kinders) I almost stayed sick…and in turn, so did Chris.

I’m so glad he risked the cooties…but I’m not sure he’d feel the same way! 😉


What I’ve learned through my relationship / marriage with Chris is that life & love & marriage is not like what you see on tv or in the movies. Sometimes we still have to remind ourselves that that is okay, that what we have is real & messy & constantly evolving…and that it is beautiful. Move over Disney princesses…my love story is amazing, and we did it all without a fairy godmother or talking teapots!


Now this one really takes me back. In Chris’ case, the poor guy really did have to walk by again. And again a couple of more times. 😛 He was smitten with me from the first moment he laid eyes on me, but I was a little relationship-shy and needed to warm up to the idea. Luckily for me Chris has the kind of personality that just can’t be ignored, and if he doesn’t get your attention the first time, he’ll keep at it until all eyes are on him. It took me a few times, but I finally snatched him up!


Oh Lawd…I could really make you guys feel weirded out if I let you realize how far-reaching my awkwardness can be. Let’s just say it’s good for me that Chris is just as awkward as I am. It works for us.

(*I actually spent the last few minutes trying to think of a time in my life when I was good at flirting…but I really can’t. The one time I came close was at a high school track meet, but even that was a little forced and awkward. I literally set up a “palm reader” station and invited all the guys to come by for me to read their palm. (Using, no less, a palm reader guide from Seventeen magazine.) I sat there and rubbed all the guys hands while the rest of the girls sat by either stewing with anger or giggling from embarassment. So even though I was trying to flirt, it really was more of seduction by awkwardness. That seems to be my forte.)

what if?!?


So with that in mind…THANK YOU LORD FOR MY HUSBAND! You have blessed me beyond measure through him, and I pray that I would show him the love and respect he deserves as my husband.


Now that wasn’t so bad was it?!

It could have been much, much worse.  😛



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3 thoughts on “My Husband Rocks!

  1. You sure know how to make a mother (of a son) cry! I thank God that he put you in Chris’ life! Enough said…………. Love ya, sweetie!

  2. I’m willing to risk the cooties if you are……….PRICELESS, love it!


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