Ever heard of “Don’t Mess with Texas”?!

Alright people…I normally try to keep it funny, positive, happy, yada yada yada on here…but today I’ve just had enough.

I can’t take any more of the litter!!!

We live in this really nice little neighborhood…only one way in/out, so there’s not a lot of random traffic…police officer lives across the street, so we feel pretty safe…no neighbors who have crazy loud parties, so it’s pretty quiet. I enjoy taking Huxley for walks and by doing so I’ve even been getting to know more of our neighbors, which is really nice in this day and age.

And yet. Our lovely little walks are always interrupted by the little pieces of litter that seem to be EVERYWHERE. I’ve seen litter before and never thought much of it. But when you have a little puppy who loves to put every little piece of litter he can find in his mouth, it becomes a big problem. Especially when you prefer actually taking 5 steps in less than 5 minutes.

The problem extends far beyond the fact that the litter is seriously slowing down our walk…although when I am walking him before work in the mornings, time really is an issue! It’s the fact that everytime he gets something disgusting in his mouth, guess who has to pry it out? ME! And it’s disgusting!

<One day I’m pretty sure I pulled a dried frog skin out of his mouth…which isn’t litter, but was pretty disgusting nonetheless.>

One day as we walked along he ripped up this nasty paper towel that was literally stuck to the pavement (with what, I don’t want to know) and we almost had a smackdown right there in the middle of the street when he wouldn’t be still for me to pull it out.

I feel like I need to wear latex gloves when we take a walk, but then I’m afraid my neighbors wouldn’t be quite so friendly to me.

It. is. awful. There is every kind of litter…paper, plastic, aluminum, glass…I mean, have you ever heard of RECYCLING people?! There are big pieces, little pieces…and they are everywhere. Under piles of leaves (which Huxley loves to run through), stuck to the pavement (as previously mentioned), and blowing in the wind (what dog doesn’t like to chase things blowing in the wind?!).

By hearing all of this you probably think that we live in a totally trashed out, dumpy neighborhood. But that really isn’t the case. To the random person passing by, you probably would only notice 10% of the litter. As I said, it was only when my little man with short little legs and an unstoppable desire to put anything and everything in his mouth came into the picture that I realized what a big problem it really is.

So now I’m left trying to figure out what to do about all this trash. The way I see it, I’ve got a few options:

* Stop taking Hux on walks. –> Easy way out. Laziest option. But in the end it will make my life even more challenging because then I’ll have an energetic puppy with no way to work out his wiggles. That’s dangerous ground.

* Teach Huxley to “leave it.” –> This seems like the best option to me, and it is something we’ve been working on, but he is really holding out on this one. I think we need professional help.

* Pick up the trash myself. –> Touche. I could. But this seems more like a band-aid to me than a cure. People are just going to keep throwing trash around, and I don’t care to take picking it up as my full-time hobby.

* Hire a group of small children to pick it up. –> Pretty sure there are child labor laws against that.

* Report a Litterer @ www.dontmesswithtexas.org –> No, I am not making this up. You really can report a litterer on their site! Sadly, this one won’t work for me because I can’t specifically name anyone as a perpetrator. Which leads us to my next option…

* Set up a watch and make a list of all the neighbors  I see throwing out trash. –> Not the best way to make friends in the neighborhood.

* Print out posters & facts from www.dontmesswithtexas.org and paper the telephone poles and their doors/cars with them. –> Hum…I can actually see this one leading to more litter.


I just don’t know where to go from here. Guess I’ll keep browsing around www.dontmesswithtexas.org and see what tips I can find. It’s a pretty cool site. You should check it out too. AND YOU SHOULD NEVER, EVER LITTER…OR WE CAN’T BE BLOG FRIENDS ANYMORE!

Sorry to take my anger out on you. Is it strange that typing in all caps (aka yelling) made me feel a little better? 😛


Btw…I may or may not be somewhat of a hypocrite. I have, on a few desperate occasions, let him actually carry a piece of litter in his mouth in order to speed up our walk. Yes, I said speed up. It’s because when he gets something in his mouth that he knows he shouldn’t have, he’ll turn toward home and run for the hills! He’s trying to keep it away from me…and he will literally trot the whole way home. So yeah. I’m that mom. I can’t say I feel good about myself afterwards, but desperation does bad things to you sometimes. I still don’t like the litter!

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