Scattered Saturday…Sleepy Edition!

Yay for Saturday! My sleep was so, so sweet last night, and my husband was so, so sweet to get up with the dog this morning. I have several things I really need to accomplish today (vacuum, laundry, dishes, LESSON PLANS, blog business…) but it’s already after 2:00 and I’ve accomplished…none of that. Oh well. 😛 Enjoy today’s “Scattered Saturday” post!

1) You would have thought that I’d be needing an IV of consisting of coffee to survive my 5 am alarm and first week of kids at school. I certainly thought I would. So every morning I fired up the Keurig, dug out one of my cute coffee travel mugs, and loaded that baby up with double the creamer and lots of sugar.

And then, every afternoon, I brought home a mug that looked like this:

Apparently I had forgotten that I barely have time to remember to BREATHE during the first week, much less to drink my coffee or go to the bathroom. I will consistently be losing things until at least mid-October, because the kinders are just so darn needy right now. Nothing gets put away, everything gets set down on the closest available surface, and coffee goes untouched…until the end of the day, when I run around putting everything away, looking for the things I randomly sat down and can’t find, and forgo the coffee for a Dr. Pepper from the machine.

The one time I did try to rewarm my coffee and chug it down did not end well for me…I got it too hot, burned my tongue, then tried to teach a lesson with a tongue that needed to be iced down. No bueno.

2) Speaking of school, the first week went FABULOUSLY! I felt prayed up, prepared, and pumped…gotta have the 3 P’s to teach the 3 R’s! 😉 I have 14 little jewels, and they are the cutest class around. The first week was full of routines, expectations, read-alouds, and watching. I’m proud of myself because I was able to compile a solid set of notes about each child this first week, and starting Monday I’m going to be hitting ’em hard with tailored goals for each student. Overall, A+!

3) There was another addition to our class this week that you should know about, because there will inevitabley be funny stories about her. 🙂 After much discussion and our first class vote, we named her Julie. (Which is actually pretty funny in itself, because that’s my teaching partners name too!)

Last year Julie’s name was Miley, and my students loved her! Even the boys liked playing with her…their favorite thing to do was put rollers in her hair. There was some awkwardness at Meet the Teacher night when her head popped off and rolled across the floor a grand total of 3 times, and on more than one occasion she would totally freak out the janitor or other adults who stopped by the room. But really, she’s not that bad.

So, blog-land, I’m proud to introduce you to….JULIE!

(Sorry the pic is a little off center…my brain was a little off center when I took it!)

Yep, Julie is a mannequin head. What did you think she was?! Before I introduced her to the class we read “Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten,” talked about how we get ready for school each day, then we met Julie & talked about the order/steps we would take to get her ready. Now she’s a station they can go to, and her accessory kit is complete with empty spray bottles & containers holding pretend products, hairbrushes, a blow dryer, a curling iron, rollers, make-up brushes, glasses, and more!

I absolutely MUST send a shout out and big thank you to M, a friend of mine. She teaches Kindergarten also, and not only gave me this idea, but also is letting me use the mannequin head! She’s awesome!

4) Here’s a non-school update for ya…Huxley has at least 2 of his grown-up teeth coming in! 😀 Chris was the first to notice that Hux had two front teeth coming in, and we both agree…he looks like a dork!

5) Oh! Oh! Oh! BIG NEWS! A couple of days before school started I entered a blog contest on one of the blogs I subscribe to (it’s a fun blog…check it out!) and guess what? I WON! Yay! I’m super pumped, and as soon as my prize comes in I’ll write a post about it to share my booty with you guys!

Oh come on. I’m not talking about that booty. I’m talking about my winnings, my treasure, my prize. Yeesh. Sometimes you people are so inappropriate!

6) This is my last update, and in this case I DID save the most important for last. Chris and I are starting to see God answer some prayers that we’ve been praying for a long time now, and we are so thankful for the new blessings He’s provided. We joined a church, are plugged into an awesome Sunday School class, and have been welcomed into a home-group that couldn’t be more perfect for us! It is made up of young married couples, a few with kids / a few without, some are teachers, some are computer guys, some are super funny, some super sweet, all are completely awesome! We’ve met two times already, and each time is full of non-stop talking, laugh out loud funny stories, and challenging bible study discussions. I’m looking forward to seeing how the group grows and changes as we get to know each other, and I’m definitely looking forward to the next time we hang out! Thank you Jesus!

That’s all I got…how’d ya like that?!


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