Need a morning boost?

Good morning! TGIF! I don’t have much for you this friday-morning-at-the-end-of-the-first-week-of-school…but what I do have will show you why I teach Kindergarten. I can get on their level pretty easily. 😛

I’ve got a silly way to help you rise and shine today…it’s my all-time favorite song from a movie, and it’s sure to earn a giggle. It’s from the movie Hoodwinked, which is also my fav animated movie. (And if you haven’t seen it, then you really should…it would be a great tool for teaching “point of view” at school too!)

So here’s the set-up…this video is a song, sung by a goat. But not just any goat…a goat who is ALWAYS prepared. And he’s got an awesome horn collection. 😛 Click on the link below to view the video…you know you wanna!

Bahaha! Do you love it as much as I do?! I just may have to show that to my kinders today…I know they’ll appreciate the humor in an overly-prepared-vibrato-singing-goat. And it’s a good reminder for this teacher that I always have to be prepared, especially at this crazy time of the year. Anything you need to be extra prepared for? 😉


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One thought on “Need a morning boost?

  1. Too cute! I hope you’ve had a smooth first week back!


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