ANTM – Dog Edition

Watch out Tyra Banks. This puppy is FIERCE!

No seriously. He’s kind of scary.

Anyway, I’m thinking of trying for a new angle on “America’s Next Top Model” and trying to get Huxley in on the competition. He’s got model written all over him…(and you won’t believe how big he’s getting! Remember this little guy?)

Oh so sweet! He’s out of the baby phase now and ready to shine! Onto his portfolio…

Models usually have a platform right? Or they at least are the face of platforms on occasion. This is Huxley’s serious “Stand Against Pollution” face. (Forget that he made that mess. He’s put it behind him. He’s now choosing to abide by a firm no-pollution policy.)

This is his “All-American Cutie” face. (The football in the background is pretty much what qualifies this shot as all-American. And if you say differently…then you just aren’t being very patriotic.)

Even models get tired of having their pictures taken. This is his “Seriously Mom?!” face. Point noted Huxley.

No model’s portfolio is complete without a profile shot.

This look just says “BOING!” It’s his shocked face. Who could ignore those big ears & wide eyes?!

See what a handsome little man he is? I call him “Mister Mister” sometimes…this is his good ol’ friendly “dog next door” look.

Selling earrings? Needing a dog to help you sell them? Huxley is your man! Just THINK of how many earrings he could wear at once!

And this one? This one just shows what a sweet baby he is. Don’t you just want to squeeze him?!

I tried to take a lot of other pics, but he’s still new to the whole modeling thing…and my camera doesn’t know how to handle all his movement. 😛 But if there’s ever a need for blurry pictures of adorable dogs, you know who to call!


P.S. Huxley really may need to find a paying modeling job soon. Look at what he managed to do to the linoleum one day when he weasled his way into the bathroom. No bueno.

Somebody has to pay for the damages.

I hate to think of what he’ll have to do if he doesn’t get a modeling job. The streets are a cold, dark place for a little puppy like him.

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2 thoughts on “ANTM – Dog Edition

  1. Oh how precious he is! And I’m laughing at the destruction he’s caused because that reminds me alot of our dogs!

  2. Hey girl! Did you get my email about the Dew Dropz giveaway? If for some reason it was lost in the email abyss and you didn’t get it, let me know!


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