Home Remedies 101

Something curious happened to me today.

I was getting ready for church this morning…all was pretty normal. Shower, pick out a dress, make-up, hair, gold shoes, put on my rings…then it was time for accessories! Ooohhh how I love accessories!

So I pick out one of my favorite pairs of gold dangly earrings, start to slip them into my ears, and …OUCH!

What? How can this be? My ears have been pierced since I was like 7…that means almost 2 decades. (*Shiver down my spine. We won’t even touch that one in today’s post.)

And then I remembered that I don’t actually remember the last time I wore a pair of earrings. Apparently I have gotten so lazy over the summer that I didn’t even have the umph to put in a pair of earrings….and the holes starting closing up because of it.

In turn, I walked around all morning with red, throbbing earlobes. Then I yelped a little when I took the earrings out. And it left me asking the question…how does a girl with close to 50 pairs of earrings forget to wear any?

Just a few of my fav accessories…practically collecting dust from months of neglect.

 Now I’ve got a guilty conscience for neglecting my beautiful earrings & throbbing earlobes…what to do, what to do. Priority #1 became making the pain stop…so why don’t you take a gander at how I solved my problemo.

A) Used ice cubes to reduce the swelling

B) Take and Advil & suck it up

C) Apply my canker-sore medication to numb the earlobes

Scroll down to see the answer…

Cross your fingers that you’re right…

You may want to put this in your back-pocket in case you ever need it…

The answer is…

C! Apply canker-sore medication to numb the earlobes!

Weird. Yes. Did it work? YES. My ears feel much, much better now, thank you very much.  And laugh if you must, but I guarantee when your ears start hurting you’ll remember this and sneak away to do it yourself.

And don’t ask me about the hygiene related to the decision I made. I’m choosing not to think about it.

School starts tomorrow…now that my ears aren’t bothering me maybe I can focus on finishing up my lesson plans. Gotta run!


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2 thoughts on “Home Remedies 101

  1. Re'Genna Gamblin

    So…did you get the earrings in your ears?


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