Scattered Saturday…School Edition

Whew. Thank Goodness It’s Saturday!! I must say that this one is very well deserved. Since I have been SO consumed with thoughts of school (and by that I mean basically unable to function outside of my classroom…ie – ran a red light, walked around Wal-Mart trying to remember what I was there for, etc. etc.) I thought I’d go ahead and give you guys a few updates about Meet the Teacher and such. If you are one of my non-teacher friends, then sorry…but hopefully you’ll still get a grin or an idea anyway. 🙂

1. Business Cards: I decided to make my own business cards because, wouldn’t ya know, teachers are professionals! I bought the blank cards at Wal-Mart, found a fun site with templates (, and plugged in all my school information. I know you can’t see them very well from this pic, but I didn’t want to put all my business out for all of blog land to see.

This next pic is of the back of the cards…I decided to go with a fun Dr. Suess quote. “When they worked, they really worked. When they played, they really PLAYED.” Pretty perfect for Kindergarten right?!

And here’s a shot of the parent packets w/ all those lovely forms inside…rockin’ the business card and bookmark on the front. 🙂

I have enough blank business cards left over to make Blog cards…but I’m still trying to decide how I want to do them. Those will be a little harder to design because I won’t be able to use a pre-made template. And then, once they’re made, I have no idea who I would hand them out to. My mom for sure. Beyond that…not so sure.

2) Classroom Door: Before I do too much ‘splaining, just check it out and see if you notice anything a little amiss…

Hehe…yes, that is my head in the middle of the door. This was supposed to be one of those “photo op” things where you can stick your head through the hole to take a pic, but when I used it as a door cover I had to improvise with covering the hole. I also had to modify the saying, because it said “Go Wild for God.” While I would have loved to leave it that way, it just couldn’t be. And finally, when I found out that the hallway theme was Hawaiian, I added the leis to combine the tropical land outside with the panda patch inside.

One weird note about the door…I had a strange encounter during “Meet the Teacher” night. A family walked in (not in my class) and stood there gawking at me. When I went over to see how I could help them, they just said they wanted to meet me because I was “famous” and that I was much skinnier than they were expecting. I guess I made a confused face (because trust me, I was confused!) because they said “You know, you look much fatter in that picture on the door than you really are.” Ooookkaaayyyyyy. Thanks for stopping by.

3. Hallway Decor: My partner teacher and I have a very limited amount of hallway space to decorate / hang student work. This year we made a couple of coconut trees to hang work on and around, and those orange flowers have my students names on them. One fun idea that she had was to look up their Hawaiian names, so I included those on the flowers as well. The kids & their families seemed to love it…just don’t ask me how to pronounce any of them! (Want to know what your Hawaiian translation would be? Check out to see…mine is Hekele!)

4. Drip Pan Magnet Board: Another Pinterest idea that I am in *LOVE* with. It is an oil-drip pan (found in the automotive dept. at Wal-Mart for about $10) that is like a huge magnetic cookie sheet! I had space on the back of a shelf that was not being used (pegboard) and the pan fit the length perfectly. The opportunities for using this throughout the day are endless, and it will be the perfect station for kids to work at because a couple of them can sit in front of it and have plenty of space to work.

And yes, at some point I prob will be making extra-large cookies for some sort of an activity…how could I not with a 3+ foot cookie tray?!


If you have children at home, imagine how fun this would be for their bedroom!

5. Mimio: I’ve worked with Smart boards before, but as far as interactive boards go, I’m loving my Mimio. It actually turns your white board into an interactive board connected to your computer. It is beyond wonderful, and I wanted to show it off a little to the parents at Meet the Teacher. I whipped up a “How will your child get home?” chart, and all the parents had to do was drag their child’s name to either the bus or car column. I’m really looking forward to using this with my students…lots of possibilities!

6. Classroom Scavenger Hunt: Another great idea I found online…a scavenger hunt for the kids to complete at Meet the Teacher. (If you are interested, check it out at .) It was very handy…helped break the ice, get the kids moving around the room, and gave me a chance to visit with the parents.

And in case you are wondering, YES, I have the cutest & most bestest (I know that’s not a real word) class in the school. Right now I’ve only got 13 kids on the roll, and YES, I know that is ridiculously low & wonderful.

I’ve still got some tweaking to my lesson plans and posters to make before Monday rolls around, and lots of praying to do for those 13 little babies coming my way…but I’m ready for it. Sometimes I think it’s sad that I remember so little about Kindergarten…I hate to think that my kids will forget all the adventures we have together. What about you? What do you remember about Kindergarten? Leave me a comment & boost my self-esteem! 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Scattered Saturday…School Edition

  1. Re'Genna Gamblin

    Sadly, didn’t have public kinder when I was growing up, but I remember that you had an energetic kider teacher who worked hard like you do and absolutly loved you! Where ya gonna find an oven big enough to make those giant cookies? The buffalo chip recipe from 4H food show days would be perfect. Thanks for the scavenger hunt idea, we used it, loved it and will do it again next year. Our keynote speaker had challenged us to have something engaging for parents (who may be nervous due to personal bad school experiences) rather than just the boring…here are the rules. Mrs. Allen even said it “Saved her life.” Can you email me your bookmark template? And did you say you use paper paint chip for “brownies”…I need to pick some of those up. It is going to be a great school year! I’m excited.

    • Jimane Allen

      Yes, Heather the scavenger hunt did “save my life” thank you for sharing your ideas with Mom who then shares with us. 🙂 It really did spice up my Open House. I just love your blog and creative ideas. Also, I enjoy the granddog stories. Wish a great school year!

      • Thanks Jimane…I’ve been doing a lot of “begging, borrowing, and stealing” from different blogs and teacher sites this summer. The scavenger hunt was definitely a great find! Glad you are enjoying all the stories, hope your year is a great one!

    • I wish I could find a big enough oven, but they’ll probably just be fake cookies…maybe they can count the chocolate chips on them or something for a math station. 😛 I will e-mail you the bookmarks, and the monster listening page…and yes to the paper paint chips for the brownies. It was super easy. I’m excited about the year too…just have to work out in my head exactly what I want that first week to look like!

  2. What I remember about Kindergarten is ……… drum roll please……. absolutely, unequivocably, unquestionably ………………… NOTHING! Reason??? There wasn’t a Kindergarten when I was that age. Oh well…. I do remember some of my first grade year, not the teacher, though, I’m sad to say, all I remember is that I was walking distance from the school and on my way home everyday there was this boy who would block my path until I gave him any money I had left over from my milk money. Thanks so much for sharing your “life” with your in-laws (and everyone else who reads!). I have seen a change in your Christian life (for the good, for sure!) and it just blessed my heart!

    By the way, I looked up Dan’s and my name in Hawaiian. Now I wish we had of know them before we had grand kids….. we would have definitely been called these: Dan – Kana; Debbie – Kepi My someday our other grandkids can call us that LOL.

    Praying for your first week of school with those little darlings! HUGS


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