Heather The Very Worst Teacher

My brain is boycotting against me. It’s having a sit-in of sorts and just refusing to move/function. I can’t say that I blame it.

Soooooo, I’m going to take this opportunity to recommend a new blog to you. Well, it’s not new, it’s just probably new to you. It’s called “Jamie the Very Worst Missionary,” and it is one of my favs.  She inspired the title of today’s post, and if it wouldn’t be plaguarizing I would have borrowed her tag line today as well. You can do it in your mind…just change missionary to teacher and you’ll get the idea.

“Inappropriate Remarks, Embarrassing Antics, and Generally Lame Observations About Living Life as a Christian Missionary in Costa Rica.”

Yep, sounds a lot like what I’m doing here. 😛

Her blog threw me off a little bit at first. She’s a missionary, so I expected her to be…maybe a little holier than thou? Oh no, no…not this girl. She’s about as real as it gets. Once my mind got over being blown by the occasional curse word she throws in, I found myself really enjoying her writing style. (Sarcasm usually makes me giggle, as long as it isn’t directed at me.)

I hope when you check her out that you won’t get hung up on any of that though, because it is her perspective on living the Christian life that really challenges me. She’s not all about the Sunday School answers, or about being politically correct, or about trying to make you feel all warm and fuzzy about yourself as a Christian. She’s about the nitty-gritty of the day to day, the struggles, the misconceptions. She’s a thinker, and she makes me think too. I like that. (Well, I normally like that. Today my brain just isn’t up for it.)

A couple of days ago she did a guest post over at a website called “People of the Second Chance.” I haven’t gotten a chance yet to really look around the site, but I did drop by to see her post. It was one of those pieces of writing that literally caused a shift in my thinking.

It’s not even that any of her ideas were that new to me, because they weren’t. What her post did was remind me of the second chances that I have received, and that I need to stop asking “Who does that?” and start extending more grace to those around me.

You’ll understand after you read the post…and I’m just not going to get into the situation in my own life that caused this piece to strike a chord in me, but I hope you’ll remember that not everything is what it seems. When we walk around casting blind judgements against others, we never know what they are going through or have been through…or how much our words can add to their hurt.

I have been redeemed in Christ, and those who believe in Him can experience that same redemption…so who are we to hold previous sins/struggles against one another?

Praise Jesus for second chances. And in many of our cases, for third, and fourth, and fifth+ chances.

But enough of my talking…I’ve already done more than I intended to. Here’s the post…I pray it touches your heart as it did mine. http://www.potsc.com/giving-grace/youd-be-surprised/


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