Happy Thursday to you!

Today’s post will be short and sweet…because I’ve got a busy day ahead, and because my brain is tired. Tonight is “Meet the Teacher,” so I’ll get to put faces to all the little names I’ve been writing everywhere and thinking about and praying for. I’m looking forward to it, but it’s going to make for a loooonnnnng day. 😛

Today is also the day I announce the winner to the Link-a-Palooza contest we had going on this week. The turnout was so HUGE…just completely OVERWHELMING…and it almost caused the site to CRASH! Or something like that…

Let’s just say that if the list of contestants was a fish, it would be a tiny little minnow. But that’s really okay, because we’re new at this blog contest thing. And it’s all for fun anyway, which I definitely had when I read the comments you guys left for me. So hang around for just a few & I’ll reveal the big WINNER!!

I used a website called www.random.org to help me randomly select the winner. So…I though I’d pay homage to that site on today’s post by giving you a few random tidbits of information from my week.

  • The husband and I have decided on a church to join. We are already in the process of getting involved in a Sunday School class there, went to a home group with other young couples from the class and had a GREAT time, and have felt very welcomed by everyone we’ve met there. I’m so happy that the Lord has led us to a place that we can call our own, and I’m looking forward to the new friendships we make there.
  • Huxley now weighs a whopping 12.6 pounds & is up to date on all of his vaccines…woo-hoo! I love our vet, but I can’t say I’ll miss the tri-weekly trips we’ve been having to take!
  • Our air-conditioner went out 3 days in a row earlier this week, but thanks to our landlords (aka – inlaws) and a new thermostat, we are back in business!
  • The other night Chris & I had a pretty good…what’s the word for it…row? tiff? argument? squabble? Anyway, you get the picture. I was feeling upset and it was only made worse by the fact that I wanted to talk to someone (like my mom, a friend, etc.) about it but couldn’t. It’s just something that I try not to do…but it’s hard not to sometimes. At just the right moment I was reminded about something I heard when we went to the Home Group Bible Study. When I am facing trouble & needing wisdom and comfort, I don’t need to search for someone else to guide me. I have the Spirit of the Living God living in me, and He is the ultimate comforter and guide! So I turned to Him and was able to work out the disagreement with more love in my heart than I’d had when we started. God is good!
  • My alarm is now set to go off earlier than ever before in my life. 5 a.m. Everyday. That is both random and awful. 😛

And now, since my brain is about to automatic shutdown with no manual override, let’s get to the winner!

According to the random.org “True Random Number Generator!!” (if a generator could be wearing a cape I feel like this one would)…the winner is…#3!

Will the real #3 please stand up?

#3? Hello?!

Hum…let me try this again. Excuse me for a moment. (*Shuffle papers, look down list…who was #3 again?…Oh yes, there it is.)

Kelli! You’re the winner! Yay! We’ll talk color options for your prize soon…maybe we’ll get matching posters! 😉

KEEP CALM & CLAP ON! (For Kelli that is!)

P.S. – Thanks to my other contestants and readers (one of which was my bro!)…you guys are too much fun!

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One thought on “Random.org

  1. Have fun going back to school!

    My odds are terrible! I just KNEW I was going to win that poster 🙂 Love your blog, keep it up!


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