The Many Faces of Me

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<*Warning: This is, and probably will forevermore be, the most vain post I have ever written. It contains pictures that are almost solely of me & it is full of stories almost solely about me…in other words, it’s all about ME, ME, ME!>

If any of you are still reading after that kind of a warning then…thanks! You’re a trooper!

Today I decided to take a little walk down memory lane using pictures from my Facebook account. I was browsing through my “profile pics” and realized they are a pretty good representation of a lot of fun times in my life. No worries, I won’t be using all the pics in this post…but I do have some great ones for ya! (And for the record, I have substantially fewer pics of myself now than when I was in college and went through the phase of taking pictures of myself as a hobby. I’d say that’s a big improvement.)

Without further ado, I introduce…me, myself, and I!

*Sr Year of College*Housesitting with a couple of girlfriends*Inspired by America’s Next Top Model*

*Shopped for clothes, got all dolled up, had a photo shoot*

*Sr Year of College*Attached to student teaching resume*Pick me, pick me!*

 *Ready for brother’s high school graduation (I graduated from college the same year he graduated from high school)*

*LOVED my earrings, which is why I was trying to show them off (mom thought they were WAY to big)*

*Post College Graduation*About to go on a random blind date*

And can I just say, this date should have been filmed for a reality tv show. It was beyond ridiculous. It will need a whole post to itself.

*Post College Graduation*Celebration dinner with bff K*

BOYS – STOP READING. Ladies – I wore this dress as much as possible that summer, along with my magical-cleavage-giving-silicone-bra-inserts. The girls have never looked so good as they did in that dress. *sigh*

*Met friend K back in the hometown*Her amazing fam adopted 3 little kiddos…and we played with their toys*

*Friend of mine won tickets to go meet a tween-age pop star*I can’t even remember his name…Aaron Carter maybe?*

*We loaded up & drove to a posh hotel in Dallas ON A SCHOOL NIGHT to meet him*Always an adventure with A!*

*Me*Elvis*Vegas*Pretty self-explainatory*

*Is that the Jaws theme music that I hear?!*Family Vacation to Corpus Christi*

*February is Healthy Heart month*Trying to win a costume contest Trying to do my part to inspire a healthy lifestyle*

*Can you believe I didn’t even place?! I wore that thing all day while TEACHING!*

*I love being an elementary teacher for occasions just like this*

*Vocabulary Parade…I was “Ramblin’ Gamblin the Pirate” (vocab word: rambling, last name: Gamblin)*

*Saved a down payment of $4,000*Traded in the Mustang my parents bought me as a Sr (first car!)*

*Found an awesome, barely used, used Charger in my fav car color*

(And I am SOOO HAPPY to say that it is now paid off!)

*November 1, 2009*Clark Gardens*Picnic & PROPOSAL!*

*Perfect snowman snow*Couple of days off of school*

*Somehow my snowman turned into a drag queen…not my initial goal, but kind of funny once it was said and done.*

(Like how I added a scarf that looks like hair?!)

*Dinner with K to meet the then-boyfriend*Had to put this pic in here so ya’ll know who she is when I reference her*

*Husband and then-boyfriend hit it off and basically forgot we were there*

(Can we say man crush?!)

*My Bachelorette Party*Painting with a Twist*That painting is indeed hanging in our guest bedroom*

*Mom & I ready to go to one of my Wedding Showers* I loved the dresses that my bridesmaids were wearing so much, and

wanted one for myself so badly…so I bought it in a different color to wear to a couple of my showers.*

(Smart thinking right?!)

*Engagement pics*Ordered my little mexican flowers offline*Look at Chris’ curls!!!*

*Honeymoon*Cozumel, Mexico*That’s our cruise ship in the background*

*Oh yes, and I have a thing for hats. Love them!*

*Christmas 2010*First married Christmas*I wore my “I believe” shirt because my husband…doesn’t. And because it was cute.*

*This past spring*Scarborough Fair*Chris got talked into buying me a WAY overpriced rose by the big-bosomed sales lady*

(Oh but there’s more. He also got talked into buying one for his cousin’s girlfriend. Explain how that works.)


So what have we learned about me from these pics?

*I like to dress up in silly costumes. (If only I had pics of all the great costumes I’ve worn over the years…there may or may not be an entire section of my closet dedicated to them.)

*I like to wear cute dresses. (My style is usually to buy a great dress then create a situation in which I can wear it.)

*I like to accessorize with big earrings and hats. (Ooohhhh…I’ve worn a lot of really fab hats too…that’s what I was freaking out over when the Royal wedding was going on.)

*I like to go out, try new things, be silly, & have fun…and that I’m always on the lookout for a photo opportunity!

Well I’m so caught up in myself right now that I think I need to go stare at myself in the mirror for a while. (Just kidding, just kidding.) 😉 You should spend a few minutes looking through your profile pics album…hopefully you (like me) will be reminded of what a fantastic life you lead!


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10 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Me

  1. Re'Genna Gamblin

    I was so surprised not to see the one will all the fruit on top of your head…guess that one has been used alot! I love that you love living, keep it up!

  2. Heather Gamblin Thompson ~ it’s nice to meet you! Oh how I wish we could be in the same state as you to ready enjoy getting to know you. One day…… praying hard! Hugs and love you!

  3. Alexis

    what a GREAT idea buying your bridesmaid dress in a different color!!! I LOVED mine too but never thought of doing that!! mine wore floor length formal dresses though so it may not have been as cute worn to my bridal showers LOL =) love all the pics!

  4. You crack me up! Not because you post pics of yourself, but because you sound just like me 🙂

  5. KK

    LOL my hair will never look that good again! I love seeing how you view yourself 🙂


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