Diggin’ the ‘stache…

Happy Monday! Quick reminder about the little contest we’ve got going on…check out yesterday’s post for info on how to enter!


Recently I had a fellow blogger visit my site…you may remember when I mentioned her ( http://so–hi.blogspot.com/ ) or you might have even gone so far as to click on her button & check out her blog. She’s about fashion & love & all things fun…and she inadvertantly inspired today’s post! Can anyone guess why?…

Yep. It’s the moustache. Such an original, cute idea! Something about the ‘stache just appeals to the off-beat girl inside me. (You do know that we aren’t talking about REAL moustaches right? I’m into the fake ones…the big silly ones.)

You may or not remember this picture, which should have tipped you off to my weird fascination…(and should have also let you know that I had a puppy who wouldn’t let us get any sleep – can we say bags under the eyes?!)

So today you are going to walk through my ‘stache wishlist. When I asked Chris if I could get some of these he laughed…but he didn’t say no!

I really, seriously want this one. It’s a giant fridge magnet. How funny would that be?!

Haha…I love these homemade moustache ornaments. Even your tree can have a clever disguise!

Okay, I am seriously putting these on my to-do list. Hobby Lobby sells blank coffee mugs right?!

Here’s a whole collection of ‘stache inspired goodies…my favs are the colorful artwork & the tote. I would totally rock that!

I would totally rock this t-shirt, and if you do nothing else today you need to click <here> to visit a site where your cursor is a ‘stache!

Found this pillow through Pinterest. If you are a member search for “moustaches” and you’ll find TONS of great ‘stache products.

I love gold jewelry. I love moustaches. I love rings. Can we say trifecta?!

I have about a bazillion bags, but I’m pretty sure I could use one more!

I had a mirror sort of like this once, but this one is sooo much cuter. I seriously would hang this in my house. 🙂

My iPhone could use a little mustachio!

Oh yes. I literally could just go on and on. There is more moustache merchandise out there than you ever could have imagined.

So I’ll end my wishlist with this one last thing.

I probably won’t receive a lot of support on this one…but it is something I actually kind of want to do. I’m still trying to decide if the 80 year old version of me would find this has quirky & funny as the 20 something year old in me does.

That, my friends, is a moustache tattoo on her finger. A fingerstache. I’m not even playing. Google it and you’ll see tons of pictures of people who have done this. I can think of sooo many situations where that would come in handy. But maybe before I take the big leap, I should test drive it with a set of these removable tattoos…I need to know which one would best suit my face anyway.

So all of this wackiness has led me to one grand conclusion…I absolutely, must, without fail…host a ‘STACHE BASH! It is exactly what you are imagining. A party where everyone wears fake moustaches. I even found an idea for invites!

It’s not a question of IF I will have this party…it’s a question of WHEN. And I’ve got to decide on who the right group of people to invite would be…not everyone will appreciate the humor in a good moustache. But once I work out the details, it’s happening people. So let me know if you’re in! It’ll be ‘stache-tastic!


*P.S….Oh my goodness! Agh! I’m so pumped! Check out this site and you’ll see why…I’ve got to host this party…and SOON!


*P.S.S…Ever since I’ve been working on this post, (which was a few weeks ago), I’ve started seeing moustaches EVERYWHERE! It’s a stachevolution!

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9 thoughts on “Diggin’ the ‘stache…

  1. What a crazy and fun girl you are! Got to love me some Heather! You and Chris were definitely “made” for each other! Both of you are crazy!! Hope you have a great week……….

    • So…the question is..would YOU come to a moustache party? I’m thinking about surprising Chris with one as his birthday / graduation party…

  2. Haha love this! And if I lived nearby, I would totally come to the party!

    • I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking this would be a fun idea! 😉 When it happens I’ll be sure to post pics…maybe if you wear a moustache while you look at them you’ll feel like you were there! Ha!

  3. alexis

    Wish I lived closer. Would so be at your partay!!! Have A Friend who makes cute ones. Look her up on FB and Etsy: Cannibal Crafts. She made stache seat assignment favors for our sorority sisters wedding. Look on my FB under beignets something or other album & there are pics with our staches 🙂

    • Oohhh I will def check it out…it’s a good thing I didn’t know about this at my wedding, because I’m pretty sure it would have had to of made an appearance somewhere!

  4. Re'Genna Gamblin

    So Heather! I’d say only you, but obviously that isn’t true….love ya, Mom

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