Scattered Saturday…Top Six

Hola Blog Compadres! It’s time for another Scattered Saturday post…here’s what I’ve got for ya.

1) Got my hair did 2) New Blog friends 3) Encyclopedia Crafts 4) Parent Bookmarks 5) Clumsy Injuries 6) Cute Ideas for a Little Girl


1) School is starting and you know what that means…time to get your hair did! I am NOT a good hair person, but I’ve found the ONE stylist in the world who can give me a great cut and style. (*Shout out to Kelly @ Kelly and Company!) This time I decided to tap into my adventurous side and let her color my hair…and she pretty much had free reign. We’ve got the cut I like all figured out…a tame wedge…so that part was easy. And here’s the finished product –

This is right after she cut it…she said it was too early to go dark, so we went light instead. There are even a few blonde streaks in there! Agh!

This was the day after (when I fixed it) in natural light…there’s some of that brown hair I was born with!

I’m still adjusting to the new color, but I like it!


2) We’ve had some new visitors/subscribers to the blog, so I’d like you all to give them a warm welcome! 🙂 They have blogs of their own, so of course I had to add them to my ever-growing list of blogs to follow…and you are definitely going to want to check them out!

Chemically Inclined: -> The name says it…this girl is a self-proclaimed science nerd. She loves parentheses, Pinterest, and making up words. (Like “pinsane,” which I thought was pretty creative!) Oh yes, and if you want couponing tips, check out her “Walgreens” tab…she’s got it down to a science! (Yes. That pun was intended.)

Why’d I Come in Here?: -> This mom of two is an artist with a mad set of creative skills. I mean seriously, the list of things she loves to create and do makes me wonder how she finds that many hours in the day! One of her most recent posts is a potato salad recipe…which just so happens to be missing potatoes. Looks yummy – go check it out!

Aren’t blog friends fun?!


3) *Calling all crafty girls!* *Calling all creative geniuses!* *Sending out an SOS!* One of the teachers at my school put these in the “freebie” pile, and since I figured no one else would want a set of children’s encyclopedias from the 1700’s (okay well they aren’t really that old) I snatched them up. I’m sure you can guess why…I love the rainbow!

So now I have 15 big ol’ heavy books…and I need ideas for something fun & crafy to do with them. Got any ideas for me?


4) Another pinterest idea! I loved the quote on these bookmarks, so I made a set to gift my student’s parents with when school starts. It says…”Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” So true!



5) Lately I have been getting a lot of bumps and bruises. I think that sometimes, when I become super focused & my brain is overwhelmed with ideas and thoughts (a.k.a…start of school), I become even clumsier than normal. Either that or I am an undiagnosed sleep walker, and a bad one at that. Here’s a few of my current injuries…

Big Bruise #1 – On my toe. No idea how it got there.

Big Bruise #2 – On my inner arm. No idea how it got there.

Big Bump / Potentially Bruise #3 – On the base of my skull. No idea how it got there.

No picture documentation either, for obvious reasons…hair.

Burn – On my other arm. I do know how that one got there. Hot oven + arm = burn.

Bruise #4 & Multiple Scratches – All over my legs. Came from various activities, some known, some unknown.

Again, no picture documentation for obvious reasons…hair. 😛

Multiple Thumb Injuries

“What’s wrong with your thumb?” you say. “It looks fine to me…” you say.

Let me just tell you.

This particular thumb was recently SLAMMED in a door. It never really bruised, but it still hurts.

The other thumb has a cut from a piece of glass on the fleshy part, and a splinter from our wicker basket coffee table is stuck deep in the nail bed.

What good are opposable thumbs if they are so riddled with injuries that you can’t use them?!

(*Note: No, my husband does not beat me, and I didn’t fall down a flight of stairs. No worries about that friends!)


6)  Finally, just a few ideas that I am loving for little girls. The next time you see an old entertainment center you need to snatch that thing up! Just look what you can turn it into…


Or you can turn a table into a play house!



And that’s all I got…how’d ya like that?!


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8 thoughts on “Scattered Saturday…Top Six

  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out!! I love your hair, I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair short again! Just been too scared to chop off too much!

    Love the entertainment center idea! Genius, now I wish we hadn’t gotten rid of our old one!!

  2. That e.t. center is even cuter than the one I pinned.! And to think, we got rid of one about a year ago. Boo!

  3. Megan May

    Hey Heather-love the hair! For the encyclopedias: one idea is to cut the spines and glue them to the side of a box… Gives you a way for some storage on a shelf that looks more interesting than a box or crate! And you can still keep the rainbow goin!


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