Free to do as I please…

Today, my blog friends, is officially my last day of summer.

No, I was not trying to pysche you out by posting pics of my room & telling you about how I’ve been going back to work and such. It’s just that most of that was done on my free time by my free choice. But tomorrow inservice starts, so this is really it people.

Summer is over.

Now will someone tell that to the weather?!


This is basically how Huxley and I have spent our day together…

I’m under the green blanket. He’s snuggling up with his little dog blanket. We’re very comfortable.

I have a basket of school reading I could be doing. Will one of you bring it over to me? I’m too lazy to get up.

Oh, and did I mention there’s a Bridezilla marathon?


I also had a call from my old neighbor, B. I think I’ve mentioned him before…he and his wife C lived in the apartment next to mine when I was living my single-girl life. They are in their upper 70’s, and when we were neighbors their numero uno hobby was keeping me fed and entertained. 😉 B was always bringing over candy or goodies C had baked, and he could stand for hours and tell wild stories about his life.

In the year or so since I’ve moved out of the apartment, his health has really been declining. I feel so sad for him, because by the sounds of things he is so uncomfortable and tired. For the most part we just chatted about life, but as we were wrapping up the call he made a few comments that really struck me. He told me several times how much he cared for me, that he had really grown to see me as one of his own and that he loved me. He said that in seems like in today’s world people don’t say things like that enough, that they are too busy trying to take care of or protect themselves to let others in. He wanted me to know how he felt; didn’t want to let the opportunity slip away.

I think he’s got life figured out.

I could probably go on and on about it, but I’m trying to expend as little brainpower as possible today…and it really just is what it is. We should all make a point of letting people know that we CARE for them, that we APPRECIATE them, that we MISS them, that we ENJOY spending time with them, that we LOVE them. Don’t take the power of your words for granted, and don’t just assume that they know how you feel.

So, in that spirit, I think I’m going to go deliver a few Sonic drinks to some of my teacher friends who are working today. 🙂


What will YOU do today to show/tell someone you care?


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2 thoughts on “Free to do as I please…

  1. Kathleen

    I will allow Kyle to take a nap because he doesn’t feel good…does that count????


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