Helicopter Mom…that’s me.

I’ve tried to deny it. I’ve tried to fight it. But it’s no use. I am officially a 100%, full fledged helicopter mom.

Poor Huxley.

Did I mention he’s a dog?

I fit the definition to a tee…”Parents who hover over their children and become too involved in their lives, including interfering in educational or career decisions later in life.”

  • I have always hovered over Huxley. I mean, I literally follow him around the house, around the yard…it’s pretty safe to assume that I follow him everywhere he goes actually.
  • I am VERY involved in his life. We have the vet on speed dial. He’s taken more medicine in 2 months than I’ve taken in 2 years.
  • I do interefere in his education plans…he’s about to be enrolled in puppy kindergarten.
  • I do interefere in his career decisions…I made an agility course out of junk from the garage for Pete’s sake.

For the most part this is a good thing for Hux. He’s very loved, very safe, very well-fed & cared for. He has lots of toys & is doing well in his obediance training.

Where my “helicopter mom” persona tends to go a little overboard is when it comes to his health. I mentioned that he’s been to the vet a lot, but I have never fully admitted to you guys how much I worry about every aspect of his health. If you saw my google history you would understand. Here’s a little taste of some of my worries / things I’ve googled in the 2 months we’ve had him:

– puppy sleeping too much

– puppy scratching hair off (good thing I googled that one…remember how early we caught his mange?!)

– sarcophic mange

– dog flu symptoms

– tick bite treatment (ugh…who can forget the tick infestation?!)

– lyme disease symptons

– intestional blockages (caused by a plastic bottle he ate half of…)

– not pooping (he’s normally very regular, so if he misses a poo I freak!)

– punctured esophagus (he eats a lot of sticks)

– side effects of tick collars

– side effects of puppy vaccines

– heartworms

– intestional worms (he’s had all 3 kinds!)

– irregular heart beat

And the list could go on and on.

When I’m not worrying about crazy medical issues, then I’ve got my fall-backs. Is he eating enough? Is he eating too much? Why didn’t he eat? Are we feeding him too many snacks? Is his collar going to snag on something and choke him? Is his neck going to break when he is running & the least stops him? Is he going to pull his shoulder out of whack if he jerks on his harness while we are walking? What did he just eat? Did he get bit by something? Why is he sleeping so much? Is he teething? Why is he looking at me like that? Is he breathing while he sleeps? IS HE HAPPY?!

I practically just broke out in a sweat.

I don’t want to act this way. I don’t want to stop worrying about one thing only to start worrying about another. It’s just that he has so quickly, so completely, captured my heart in a way I never expected. It’s been a strange experience for someone who isn’t even a dog person.

So where does this leave us? I’m not sure exactly…I don’t think my vet minds that much, because she gets paid every time we go in. (No worries…the phone calls are free – I’ve gotten plenty of free advice over the phone.) And I don’t think Huxley minds…he’s getting lots of attention & is now completely spoiled rotten.

I mean, does this look like an unhappy dog to you?

I do think my husband minds though. He say I overreact to things. So far he’s been cool about it, but when I asked him if he thought Hux’s mouth was a little swollen the other day I could tell he’s about reached his boiling point.

What to do, what to do. I’ve got to get a grip…that’s for sure. Anyone have a good self-help book to recommend?!

I don’t even know what else to say. I need help.


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3 thoughts on “Helicopter Mom…that’s me.

  1. alexis

    Awwww!!! You are too cute!!! You’ll be a great (helicopter) Mom!! :):):)

  2. Hang in there, darling! I was practically the same way about Amie, and you know how much I “love” dogs!!

  3. Re'Genna Gamblin

    You do crack us up….but as Dad says…you never do anything half way, and you do show signs of being a little OCD (in a very productive way). So give it time, you’ll relax somewhat, eventually. Again….Sorry Chris, we didn’t make her this way on purpose. LOL/jk


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