The Panda Patch

*If you are a subscriber and you received an e-mail about this post yesterday…then please forgive me! I got a little click happy and accidently posted it last night. So sorry!


Well you asked for it, so here it finally is! Pictures of my classroom!

(*Actually I think only my Mom & Mother-in-Law asked for it, but the rest of you surely won’t mind…)

Welcome to Mrs. Thompson’s Panda Patch!

No, sillies. That’s not the Panda Patch. 😉 That was the semi-blank canvas that I started with. Nice, pretty floors…furniture all askew…lots of dust bunnies who had to be evicted.

THIS is what it looks like now…

That is the inside of our door. The poster on the top is a “Facebook Status” poster, and the plan is for us to “update” it each time we leave the room with a brief note of what we’ve been doing. The other poster is “Huxley’s Honorees” where we’ll post excellent work. Each student who posts work there will also receive a little paper trophy with Huxley’s “stamp” of approval. So fun! (And these are maybe the only two things in my classroom that I can take full creative credit for…I do a lot of beg, steal, and borrowing!)

This is our little morning meeting/calendar area. Don’t you love that purple chair?! I met a good friend in the ‘Ville the other day because she wanted to GIVE it to me…love it! (I actually helped her pick it out at a garage sale several years ago, and here it has made it’s way to me. It was the purple chair’s destiny.)

Under our whiteboard / Mimio area is our “Weather Panda.” He comes complete with a full wardrobe, and we’ll make sure he is properly dressed for the weather of the day. (That would be why he is naked right now. It’s just that hot.)

This is what will be my word wall. (Not everything in the room is finished, mind you…it will be though!) I didn’t take a good pic of the reading area / class library, but it’s right underneath this board. Very comfy & cozy!

Here’s the front of that reading area, which will be the home for our writing journals & subject specific notebooks. I dug deep and sprung for the composition notebooks this year ($20 whole dollars) and one of my main goals for this next year is to really push myself & my kids to develop each notebook as fully as possible.

There’s our little teeny closet, just filled to the brim with glitter and games and paint and snacks. You can also see the newly renovated listening center & Kohl’s stuffed animals bag. (Come on, you know you love the $5 animals and books!)

Oohhhh I just love this back wall. That’s our small group meeting area, with bulletin boards above it that have tips for reading decoding and comprehension. In the corner is the computer center & our math manipulatives shelf. Aren’t the lanterns fun too?!

Cubbies & what will be our “ABC” wall…whenever my ABC strip comes in. The pennants on the top are hard to see, but they are one of my other fav fun features. They are made of different colors & patterns (thanks Target!) and I added the letters so that it says “Thompson’s Kinder.” If I had thought of “Panda Patch” earlier I might have used that…but oh well. 🙂

So there ya go! There are a few things I haven’t taken pics of just quite yet, so we may have an update coming before this week is over. I just know that I am so happy with my little room, and I can’t wait to fill it with little one’s who will be as excited about being there a I am. It’s our home for the year, and I think it will be a very calming room that will get our creative juices flowing. Stay posted for more news from the Panda Patch!


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4 thoughts on “The Panda Patch

  1. alexis

    Love it!!!! But I’m jealous, not gonna lie

  2. Can I start kindergarten this year???? Absolutely wonderful!! You may not have thought of all the decorating by yourself, but it’s all your touch. I am always amazed at what you come up with. And, through your blogs, I have noticed an even bigger love for you “kids”! God is good all the time, and I know that He is going to make you into the teacher that every kid wants to have as their teacher (including me!!). I would be so cool, if Ailey could have you as one of her elementary teachers. Humm…. that could be good, or it could be bad. LOL Praying for you and your school year. Love you sweetheart!

  3. LOVE THIS! I’m going to bookmark this page for when I started teaching (hopefully next fall!)


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