Anyone with ESP may apply within.

Quick! Name 3 things that I *LOVE* and that I’m thinking of RIGHT NOW.

Got it in your head?


If you guessed *WORDS*COLOR*DECOR* then you were right! 😀

See how well you know me?!

This game is fun. Let’s keep playing…

Now can you guess what do all 3 of those words have in common?

No, this is not a trick question.

If you guessed *SUBWAY ART* then you were right again!

Oh you’re good.

Don’t be so smug.


Whew. Having imaginary conversations is kind of exhausting. Let’s return to the one-woman monalogue, which sees to be my forte. Today I want to share with you the *fun* and *spunky* world of “subway art.” I first came across this on a blog (go figure right?!) and since then I’ve started seeing it everywhere. One day I will figure out how to make it myself.

(Is anyone on here keeping track of all the things I keep saying I’m going to do? I need to hire an assistant just to keep track of all my lists.)

ANYWAY. If you google “subway art,” you’ll come across a variety of options. This is the type of art I’m in love with today.

See the words? See the color? See the decorating potential?

Check. Check. And check.

That was a cute summer one, but this is one for teachers. I’m printing it out for my rclassoom (don’t worry, the creator gave permission on her blog), and you could print it out too! How fun would this be for your child’s teacher? Or your co-workers? Or your friend who’s a teacher? You get the point…everyone knows a teacher. And odds are they would love this…

Here’s where you can get it…

You could find/make subway art for almost anything…birthdays, anniversaries, seasons. Just see for yourself…

Wouldn’t these be beautiful as homemade cards? I’ve also seen people put them in frames, gluing them to clipboards…the possibilities really are endless!

Here’s one for the chef in your life…I can see this as a vinyl wall cling for the kitchen. Yummy!

Even though he doesn’t read my blog, I’m dedicating this next one to my sweet baby of a husband. I’m so sweet right?!

And finally, it’s very easy to find holiday-themed subway art. (*Assistant! Add this to my to-do list! Get one fabulous frame & switch out the subway art depending on the season. Instant holiday decor!)

*Sigh* So fun right?! I knew you would love it too. It’s kind of like taking the sign trend (which has been big for a while now) and cramming a whole lotta phrases into a little bit of space. Very cool.

In the event I have inspired any of you to try your own hand at making subway-art, e-mail me the pic & I’ll post it in a future post. Instant celebrity status  recognition! You’ll be rich and famous showered with appreciation!

(*And in the event you made one of the pieces of art featured on today’s post, then yay for you! Give yourself credit in the comment section…I found them on google images!)


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2 thoughts on “Anyone with ESP may apply within.

  1. I can see this in a quilt wallhanging! Now, just how can I design ti??? Hummm…..

  2. alexis

    Love it!!!!!!!


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