Bad Wife!

Happy Hump Day!

I always feel like that’s something kind of dirty to say, but I googled it and found out that it’s not. 😛 ….Maybe in the future I shouldn’t google things that I think are dirty. Note to self.

Anyway, I have lots of wonderfulness happening in my classroom right now, and I should be ready to share pics by the end of the week. I’m still working away, so for today I’ll leave you with a story of marital bliss. Or something along those lines…


Oh dear. Some days I’m reminded of how lucky I am that my husband loves me through thick and thin…even when I’m a “Bad Wife!”

It’s not like he was totally caught off guard with my “Bad Wife!” potential. A few months before we got married I let it shine loud and proud. Here’s how I went from loving fiance to full-fledged “Bad Wife!” mode…

See, it all started with a shared illness. I can’t even remember what we had now, and it doesn’t even really matter. We were both sick. When Chris gets sick, it’s really no biggie for him to take off of work…so he’d had the week off to bask in his sickness. I’m a teacher. We go to school unless we are literally about to kick it, because honestly it’s just easier to do that than to plan for a sub. So I had been working all week.

One night after work he came over to my apartment…misery loves company! I remember him going on and on about how bad he felt, and that it was TICKING ME OFF. I mean, hello….I felt bad too! (It may be safe to assume that I have a pretty low tolerance level when I don’t feel good.) Ideally we would have just sat around all evening, moaning and complaining and generally carrying on. But no. We had volunteered to serve as nursery workers for an event, and by golly, we needed to follow through on our commitment! (I hope you are getting a sense for how strongly I felt about this.) In my opinion, it was too late to cancel on them…so we were going to have to suck it up and go. Forget about giving our germs to the kids…I’d been exposing people all week, and I had a reputation to uphold! 😛

Well Chris did enough belly-aching that we finally struck a deal. I would go do nursery duty for both of us, and he would have dinner ready for me when I got back to the apartment. Sounds like a fair trade right?!

(*Insert “Bad Wife!” moment…)

I wish I had a picture of what I came home to. It was so sad. There was my sweet fiance, sitting on a stool in front of the stove, bent over a pan full of hamburger helper. He’s stirring, but his eyes are all glassy and he looks like he’s about to fall over. I’m starting to feel a little bad, so I go over to give him a hug…only to find that he is literally burning up. Like had a temperature of over 102 degrees burning up. And to top it all off, he’s apologizing to me because my dinner isn’t ready.

See what I mean? Bad, Bad Wife!

I did redeem myself somewhat in the moments that followed, pumping him full of medicine & wet washclothes & googling how to break a fever. We both recovered and eventually got a good laugh out of the whole situation. I thought maybe I had put my “Bad Wife!” days behind me….until a couple of nights ago.

Chris wasn’t feeling well again (sore throat and such.) We went to bed at about 12:30, but what I didn’t know was that he’d been up and out of bed for about 2 hours because he was just tossing and turning and so uncomfortable.

(*Insert “Bad Wife!” moment…)

So about 7:00 the dog starts barking because he needs to go out. I hear him, but since I get up with the dog every other morning of the week, I decided that Chris should be the one to get up this time. So I lay there while Huxley barks. And I lay there while Huxley barks. And I lay there while Huxley barks. Chris apparently is dead to the world. This will not do.

So I shake him awake and say “Will you take the dog out?” He mumbles incoherently and rolls over. So I shake him again and say “Was that a yes or a no? I can’t understand you. Why won’t you answer me?! It’s your day to take the dog out!” And he finally rolls out and goes outside with Hux.

It’s only later, once we are both fully awake and standing in the kitchen, that I understand exactly how bad I’ve been. He tells me about being up for two hours, about taking more meds (which explained his super deep sleep), and about how he couldn’t answer me because it felt like his throat was swollen shut. Bad, Bad Wife!


So there it is. The ugly truth. At least I’m only averaging like one super-bad wife moment a year. He could have it worse…right?!


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3 thoughts on “Bad Wife!

  1. I laughed when I read this post! This sounds so much like me and my husband back in March! I sounded just like you. Don’t worry, I think we all have ‘bad wife’ moments. Great post! Best of luck as you start another school year 🙂

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