Heather’s Got Talent

It’s Tuesday night, and you know what that means…America’s Got Talent is on!

I’m always amazed by the different talents people display. Oh yeah yeah, there are always great singers, but I just can’t get over some of the other crazy/amazing things these people can do.

Professor Splash, who high dives into a kiddie-pool. (Why?!)

Sandou Trio Russian Bar, with the girl who performs on a bouncy balance beam. (Takes my breath away!)

Silhouettes, a dance troupe that perform using a “shadow screen.”   (*I hope they win, by the way!)

And usually I’m equally amazed that people would dedicate so much of their time to some of these outlandish talents. (Remember the air-guitar band from last season? Does that even count as a talent?!)

So it’s got me thinking…what would my talent be? Here’s what I’ve come up with so far…

  • Play my high school fight song on my flute. (I can still do that ya know. Well, mostly anyway.)
  • Teach a rockin’ math lesson on measurement incorporating none other than….BIG FOOT!
  • Read aloud a children’s book with each character having its’ own voice & demeanor.
  • Get Huxley to perform his #1 trick with me…clapping!
  • Perform my silly “Christmas Pants” song & dance.
  • Decorate the stage using only dollar aisle & garage sale finds.

Yeah? Sound good?

Oh it’s okay, you can be honest. I think the judges better bring their X’s if I try out. 😛

I’m not talent-less…my talents just don’t have their roots in the performing arts. And I’m perfectly okay with that.

What about you? What would your talent be? (*Post your comments below!)


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3 thoughts on “Heather’s Got Talent

  1. Jacque

    I’m thinking that I could train my chickens do tricks, They could ride my llamas or something!

  2. Mom

    Hummmmm…youv’e really challenged me…surely I’ve got talent??? No idea what though, sort of a jack of several trades…master of few.


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